Bi-Coastal Love on Sacramento's Grid

By Lisa Murphy

Recently my boyfriend moved to the East Coast for an exciting career opportunity and will be staying there indefinitely as he starts grad school at Harvard in the fall. While this long distance separation won’t necessarily be permanent, for now I have to learn how to adjust to life without my significant other being seven blocks down N street.

After a year and a half of dating and getting to know ourselves as a couple in Sacramento, we are faced with a major proximity challenge. I’m starting to realize how much I took the last 18 months for granted, and how much of a role midtown Sacramento played in our blossoming romance.

We met in December of 2010 at The Park at a mixer for the Sacramento Young Democrats, and when we met later that week for coffee at the Starbucks at 16th and O to “network”, it became immediately clear that there was much more than a business connection between us.

Our first series of dates took us all over to Sacramento’s best spots. Movies at the Tower theater, the Governor’s inauguration party at the train museum in Old Sacramento, day trips to Amador county and Apple Hill, Kings games at (then) Arco Arena and (both of us working in politics), receptions, receptions and more free receptions.

I think both of us found a new appreciation for what Sacramento had to offer, discovering it together. Now that he is a little less than 3,000 miles away, we are both reminiscing about our time together here, and how much it meant to us.

An observation that he astutely made over a recent Skype session is that we would not have had the same relationship had we met in any other city. Sacramento has a distinctive quiet charm about it that allows you to really get to know another person without all the flashy distractions of a major metropolis. This is not to say that we ever found ourselves with a lack of new and fun things to do; but we were ever so grateful for our quiet Sundays at Old Soul him with his newspaper and tea, me with my Kindle and coffee, just enjoying the peaceful  stillness of a Sacramento Sunday.

As our relationship evolves and we adjust to being a bi-coastal couple, I feel better prepared for what the next stage of life has in store for us, because of the foundation we built here.


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