Wine and Dine 2012: Blue Prynt Review

By Jamee Sims

Two of my favorite things come together this week: wine and dining. Wednesday kicked off Sacramento’s Wine and Dine week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is your opportunity for Sacramento’s amazing restaurants to showcase their pre fixed menus at a bargain price. I was graciously offered to check out Blue Prynt by the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau.

My guest and I arrived at prime dining hour and were shocked to find a somewhat empty restaurant. The bar however, was packed with what appeared to be the regulars, and it was nice to hear the bartender calling his guests by name.

The lovely hostess sat us and immediately told us about the Wine and Dine specials; we clearly didn’t let on to our intentions at this point but were pleased with the wonderful service right from the start!

After one glance at the special menu we were ready to go! Everything looked spectacular! Our sweet server took our order and offered the wine pairing in which I happily obliged.

Our first course was a shaved beef carpaccio and ahi tartare. I normally never order beef carpaccio at a restaurant I have never been to before, for obvious reasons, but it was that or oysters and those were definitely a no go for a first timer. Both dishes came out within minutes and looked amazing.

We were a tad disappointed in the lack of flavor in the carpaccio but felt the bread and horseradish gave it the kick it desperately needed. The ahi was served in small fried wonton boats while the extra ingredients were strewn across the plate. It was fresh, flavorful and I contemplated asking for another. This was paired with a 2011 rose of pinot noir and gave the tartar a sweet kick on the palette.

The second course was more than I imagined! The menu states an antipasto plate, which leads you to believe a small cheese and meat plate right? It was actually a large platter of grilled peppers, onions, asparagus, cranberry cheeses, prosciutto, grapes and a sweet pepper jam. There was so much food – I could’ve eaten this as a meal.

At this point, I was on my second wine pairing, a 2007 merlot from Casa Lapastolle, which I must say was perfectly matched. Each sip highlighted a different element to the dish.

For our third course, we chose the rainbow trout and NY steak (passing on the fried halibut fish and chips). Both of these dishes came out and took our breath away!

They practically served the whole fish with a small dab of dill caper butter on the side. As far as the steak, we chose to let the chef cook it the way he/she wanted as that has always been a fair way to rate a chef to me. Without fail, that tactic proved to be a great idea. The meat was tender and melted in my mouth, and the accompanying side was a rich blue cheese mash potatoes.

The trout was matched with creamy parmesan polenta that was hands down the best part of the whole menu. I could eat that in seriously large doses. A 2006 elu from St Supery was perfectly paired wine.

At this point, I was reaching maximum food capacity but of course, we could not leave without the desert course. I told myself, only one bite of each in my head over and over but that was thrown out the window the minute I tasted a bite of the sweet cherry crème’ brulee. The chocolate covered strawberries were a given delicacy but didn’t seal the deal like the brulee. Calling it mouthwatering doesn’t do it justice.

A few other favorable items we noticed were the corkage fee and the fact that there isn’t one for the first two bottles! Its $10 dollars after the 2nd bottle but then again after two bottles of wine, anything goes right?

Whoever made the wine pairing selections for this menu is someone I would dine with on a regular base, and if my intuition serves me right, I am leaning towards the amazing bartender. He came by our table twice throughout the meal to see how I felt about each dish paired wine. That my dears, is amazing service!

Overall, our experience was great. For a seemingly uninhabited restaurant, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The service, food, atmosphere and value were impeccable and I hope you get the opportunity to try their Wine and Dine menu but if not, please go for their regular menu. They have a staff and chef there that definitely know what they are doing!

EDITOR’S NOTE – How was your Wine and Dine experience this year? Leave a comment or email a review to girlsonthegird AT gmail DOT com.

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