Won't You Be My Neighbor: Del Paso Manor

By Alanna Bradley

Sacramento is filled with pockets of charming neighborhoods – I honestly feel that Sacramento has a home to offer to just about every personality. My mother in law grew up in a little gem of a neighborhood called Del Paso Manor. The neighborhood built between 1948 and 1952 is sandwiched between Watt Ave. and Eastern Ave. and Marconi Ave. and El Camino Ave.  My husband grew fond of this area after visiting his grandparents here for years so when a home came on the market in the area we put an offer in right away.

We were all devastated when the original Tower Records shuttered their doors, but the neighborhood prevailed with a recently added Fresh and Easy market nestled next to the still standing Country Club Lanes and one of my favorite comfort food destinations, Sam’s Hof Brau. The homes are all quaint two-three bedroom bungalows and many of them surround Del Paso Elementary school. The school is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood and with two tennis courts and a lot of wide open space the school gets a lot of recreational use from the neighborhood. Many of us take our dogs to the park to throw a few tennis balls and make a few new friends both human and canine.

Surprisingly, our neighborhood’s number one organizing force is the water district. Del Paso Manor is one of the few remaining neighborhoods in the area that has a water district dedicated to them. The bi-monthly bill comes with inserts about neighborhood happenings like ice cream socials.

When talking about this neighborhood, I could not forget to sing the praises of Emigh Hardware. This is my favorite hardware store of all time. In a world filled with consumer complaints, I have never met anyone who can complain about the service at Emigh Hardware. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful consistently. They also have great merchandise and a wonderful outdoor living location next door with swoon worthy outdoor furnishings.

We are a small neighborhood without much in the ways of restaurants, but I will say that we have one of the most important characteristics of a good neighborhood – sense of community.  We know our neighbors, we borrow their sugar and they borrow our power tools, we lend a hand when needed and live harmoniously together. It’s pretty safe to say that I’m proud to call this place home.

Any other reader’s live in Del Paso Manor? If you have any other treasures from the neighborhood to share, let us know!

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