Discussion: What's Your Dating Dealbreaker?

By the Editors

One of our favorite GOTGer’s went on a promising date the other night – he made her laugh, they had great convos, even took her dancing (think classy jazz club – not Avalon).

So what’s the problem? He checked his Blackberry every 10 seconds! Now, most of our readers are professional folks with crazy lives and even crazier jobs, but this irked her to no end (Who was he texting? Am I boring him? RUDE!). Spoiler alert: There will be no second date.

Which got us thinking – what are your dating dealbreakers? Leave a comment below!

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  1. MsChick74 says

    Drugs and lying are pretty much my deal breakers. Oh and tardiness. If you can’t be on time for the date, don’t bother showing up. Some deal breakers are easy to accept. Others you want to overlook so you don’t seem so picky, but if your gut says it’s wrong, it’s wrong for you.

  2. Laura Braden says

    -Being rude to servers/wait staff.
    -Bragging/name dropping.
    -Inability to laugh at themselves.

  3. Mary Beth Barber says

    It’s currently a moot point for married-me, but in the past … I could forgive the blackberry thing, since I’ve done that to others during heavy work-stress times. And I’m a latehead myself, so I’ll let that go. But I’d agree with Laura — rudeness to waiters and others, as well as crappy tips for no reason — are pretty much dealbreakers. That, and complaining about people close to them (family, ex-girlfriends, friends) on early dates doesn’t go over so well. Once we’ve established a relationship, OK, dish the crap. But the first or second meeting? Uh, no.

  4. Jamie says

    Anytime a guy complains about how crazy his ex-girlfiend is/was is a HUGE red flag (extra red if all of his ex-girlfrends are “crazy”). Oh, really? You just happen to date crazy women all the time, and that’s why your relationships never work out? In my experience, it’s usually the guy who is the crazy one in these types of scenarios.

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