Pedal Pretty in Midtown

By Heather Philpott

Dust of your bike, grab a sleek messenger bag, slip on a skirt, and rediscover the euphoria of getting around on two wheels.

In honor of May is Bike Month I thought I would provide you ladies with some Pedal Pretty Tips, as well as a few Pedal-Powered Activities.

Unfortunately cycling is often correlated with spandex suits, clip in shoes and cheesy helmets. But thanks to the Bicycle Chic movement, fashion faux pas are a thing of the past for a variety of woman cyclist. Today cycle chic or bicycle chic refers to cycling in fashionable everyday clothes.

Pedal Pretty Tips:

“I live dangerously – so I put on a dress. Mount my bicycle. Start pedaling. And let the wind decide if my knickers will be introduced to the world.” Marie, from Marienade

Don’t be afraid of skirts and dresses.

  • Ride with your Knees In
  • Shorter Skirts w/ heavier fabrics result in less flying up. But be advised that wherever they ride up to, there they will stay. Usually around mid-thigh.
  • A step-through bike frame is easiest to mount and dismount
  • DIY your own Skirtgaurds are great for riding in longer/flowery skirts. (prevent material from being caught in spokes)
  • Keep one hand free to prevent unexpected wind gust issues
  • In the spring and fall, tights or leggings will be your best friend, but you can always use a DIY garter to pin your skirt in the hotter months

Don’t be afraid of wearing cute shoes or heels.

  • Most the articles I’ve read recommend heels that you can hook over the back of the pedal and not wedges. But I personally love riding in wedges. Check out more tips HERE and HERE.

Carry your stuff in style.

  • There are a lot of options to carry stuff while on a bike without having to sacrifice style. Using panniers, a basket or messenger bag rather than wearing a backpack will also stop you from getting a sweaty back


  • Protecting your head doesn’t have to mean compromising on your style. Great options HERE.

Pedal Powered Activities:

Summer weather in Sacramento offers lady riders a chance to cool off and let the wind blow in their hair. According to League of American Bicyclists, “The warm climate and low slope terrain make Sacramento an ideal place for bicycling.” So I say: Get out there and ride!

  • Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen Bicyclette: Third Thursday of each month Is ladies night. The shop fee is waived for female/gay/transgender individuals
  • Design Rides: Celebrate design-driven businesses and homes in and around midtown by bike! June 3rd, Aug 19th & Oct 14th
  • Sacramento Tweed Ride: June 3, 2012
  • 2nd Saturday Midtown Cruise: June 9th, July 14th, August 11th,  September 8th & October 13th  (Meet in the SUZIE BURGER parking lot, Ride starts at 6:30pm
  • Second Saturday Coffee Bike Tour: Starts every Second Saturday at 10AM at Broadacre Coffee.
  • BBQ, Bikes & Beer: July 7, 2012 Midtown Sacramento
  • Princess Promenade Bike Festival : Sunday, October 14, 2012 (Ladies only ride)

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