After 20 Years, Second Saturday Art Walk Still Inspires

By Sariah Burdge

100 Poems by William J. Hughes

We parked the car and started walking. Dozens of white pages cover a brick wall where a man sits in a chair. His name is William J. Hughes and he writes poetry. 100 poems line the walls of this 22nd and K Street building, each with a different story to tell.

Hughes said the secret behind his work is how “…none of the words of the titles are ever in the poems…hinting at the subject matter…”

Inspired by Emily Dickinson, William Hughes has been writing for over 30 years and reading his work is just the beginning of my 2nd Saturday Art Walk adventure.

Since 1992 Midtown has been inviting Sacramento locals on every month’s second Saturday to check out local artists’ work. Midtown boutiques, businesses and galleries along 20th, J Street and K, host sculptures, paintings and more. The evening event is free and there are plenty of styles for everyone.

Union Hall Gallery Assistant Curator, Carol Davydova, shared a list with me of 2nd Saturday benefits, from uniting the artistic community to general public socializing. My favorite part is her comment on how the artists are open to questions from viewers. I started my own conversation in Gallery Twenty Twenty-One with New Zealand oil-painter, Mark David Manning.

Sacred Objects by Mark David Manning

Manning shared his desire to “…be a reminder of nature’s sacred beauty and complexity, and the dangers man posses upon it.”

He marks man’s destruction by painting vacuum cleaners and nature’s beauty with portraits of birds and symbols like, shells. It’s just so cool asking questions and visiting with the creator of the paintings right in front of me.

I end the night waiting in front of Pete’s Coffee and Tea for my ride, it’s past 8 o’clock and SacTown night life has begun, which means this chickadee is over and out.

Will I be wandering the streets of Midtown next 2nd Saturday? You bet I will and you should come too! Did I mention it’s free?

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