Worth It? Ribbon Hair Ties

By Laura Braden

What it Promises:

Ribbon hair ties are fancy-schmancy rubberbands that promise to not pull, tear or crease your hair. They’re pricier (range from .50-$1.00/each) than regular rubberbands ($4.52 for 100) and range in every color under the sun (including neutrals intended to match/blend into your hair color).

GOTG Verdict?

Totally worth it. My roomie and I tried them out (I have baby fine hair, and she has super-thick-My-Little-Pony-esque hair) for over a week, and we’re hooked.

Zero breakage or creases – even after workouts and a night of sleep, and they look better on your wrist than a regular rubber band.

Probably not the best choice for the budget-conscious GOTGer, but if you’re someone who has to run from yoga to meetings (etc), you should consider making the switch.

Where to Find It?

Editor’s Note: We reached out to local boutiques to see who was selling them…so far, no hits. If you know of anyone, shoot us a note at girlsonthegrid AT gmail.com, and we’ll update the post ASAP.

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  1. Cheree says

    Good to know, but photos would be nice, too.

  2. Allison from ReStylista says

    Love this review! I’m Allison from ReStylista and I’d love for everyone to try these fabulous ribbon elastic hair ties! Soooo…GOTG readers can enjoy a 15% discount on their purchase from http://www.ReStylista.ETSY.com by using the following coupon code at checkout: GOTGLOVE
    Offer expires May 31st. ENJOY!

  3. Kathryn says

    The hair bands are very pricey but they are made out of an expensive elastic called fold over elastic which runs about $1.75 a yard. Therefore the hairbands are worth what you pay for them, but you can buy the elastic yourself and make lots more for cheaper than what you would pay in stores. (You can find fold over elastic at hancocks fabric or other fabric stores in your area)

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