Democracy in Action: The Sacramento SPCA’s 2013 Calendar Pet Photo Contest

By Ashley Robinson

So, if you are a regular reader of our site, you have probably noticed we have a few more articles on dogs than parenting. Maybe it’s because those of us who have time in our day to sit down and write an article aren’t busy moms, totally understandable.

But that means you all get to read articles about puppies and kitties! MUAHAHAH!

Anyways … I’m a big supporter of the SPCA and the Humane Society and other organizations that work to help humans help animals. (That doesn’t mean all groups, by the way.) And right now, the Sacramento SPCA is holding what I think is a very clever fundraising campaign.

People can enter their pet – dog, cat, bunny, guinea pig, bird, whatever – in a photo contest that will help pay for general care of the 13,500 animals that are brought into the Sacramento County SPCA every year. And that number keeps rising, by the way. (Hello, people, get your animals spayed or neutered!)

Have no dog in this fight? Consider voting for my fur kid Dharma (by clicking the photo).

The minimum entry fee for each pet is $25, and that buys you 25 votes for your pet. When I first went to enter my own little fur baby, I was initially like, “What?! I have to pay?!” and then I realized it was for the SPCA and that money would help animals in need. And then I thought to myself, “Hmm, well how much more can I give?”

The same goes for voting. It’s a dollar per vote and a $5 minimum. But then again, it’s basically a $5 donation to a worthy cause. I spend the same amount on coffee at Starbucks. This will go toward buying blankets to keep animals warm at night in place of a warm bed in a nice house.

It’s hard for me not to get sentimental about shelter animals. Almost every pet I had growing up was found on the street, in an abandoned backyard, in my church’s dumpster, or handed over by some family that didn’t want them. And every one of those pets was considered a valued member of the family (sometimes valued more than us humans). And when they died, oh geez, I cried more in the vet’s clinic when my cat, Rally was put down than I did at my grandfather’s funeral. Not to say that I didn’t love my Grandpa more than my cat, but Rally was my best friend from when I was 2 years old, and even though she’s been gone for almost 13 years, I still miss her like crazy.


Hmmm, so, where was I? Oh yea, submit your pets, vote for others, and support the Sacramento SPCA. Each SPCA is its own entity and doesn’t receive funding from a national organization. (Those terribly sad ASPCA ads you see on TV, the money only goes to one small shelter in New York.) So, the SSPCA really relies on the community to help out the animals in this community.

The deadline for the contest is May 31st. The top 10 pets will get their own month with their own photo shoot, and every contestant will be included in the 2013 calendar in some way.

Check out the site, enter your pet, vote, share the news on Facebook or Twitter, and support the SSPCA: .

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