Top 5 Things You Don't Know if You're Not on Pinterest

By Kira Heinrichs

Are you Pinterested? I find that Pinteresting.

Either you love it or you’ve never tried it. Think I’m crazy?

Well the rumors are true; it’s more addictive than carbs and nicotine combined. If you’re not pinning, and don’t have time to waste on a new social media monster – have no fear.

Here are the top five things you’re missing if you’re not on Pinterest – laid out here so you can stay far far away in your safe place while I wither away in pinning hell. Or heaven. I can’t decide which it is.

  • What’s the most versatile crafting object on planet earth? None other than the jam jars your Grandma had an endless supply of. Mason Jars can be used for no less than 251 unique projects, including but not limited to making your own of the following: soap dispensers, olive oil filled picture displays, iPod speakers and solar-powered garden lights.
  • Most single females are totally comfortable sharing the fact that they day dream about having a fairy tale wedding. We’ve all watched Say Yes to the Dress while secretly waiting for our boyfriends to propose, but it’s being taken to a whole new level on the pin boards. Call me old-fashioned but it’s not very becoming to count your chickens before they hatch.
  • Obama pins. There is a person working for President Obamas 2012 campaign who gets paid to develop “Obama-inspired” cupcakes. The coolest thing Mr. President has pinned: a graphic tee you can purchase that reads: HEALTH REFORM STILL A BFD. Uh, yeah.
  • Your friends are obsessed with working out, finding the quickest way to six pack abs, sharing motivational slogans and eating raw, healthy, belly fat burning foods. They plan on hitting it hard right after crafting Oreo cheesecake upside-down cupcakes.
  • A large portion of the population is hoping to have no less than four children and will force them to sleep in stacked formation on ridiculously engineered bunk beds. Am I the only one who had to share a bedroom with siblings when they were younger and HATED it?! I’m not pregnant and don’t have kids, but if I ever do I’m not going to repeat the vicious cycle at their expense.

Already addicted to Pinterest and it’s too late to turn and run? My advice for you: make pin boards for specific occasions coming up – like little Johnny’s 2nd birthday party or your BFFs bridal shower. Or get a little crazy and pin your own ORIGINAL photos and ideas.

You’ll get a kick out of watching it be repined and liked by complete strangers – just be sure not to pin anything that shares your personal information.

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  1. L says

    I’ve also learned that people are OBSESSED with jello shots and all things buffalo chicken. I had no idea!

  2. Kellie says

    Oh man, you hit the nail on the head girl, I love it! I hadn’t checked out Obama’s boards – now following. 🙂 I especially love the 6 pack abs next to the oreo cheesecake. SO true!

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