Food Trucks and Fun Times: SactoMoFo 4


By Meghan McFadyen

This weekend I kicked the summer off right by attending SactoMoFo 4. I tried to attend SactoMoFo two years ago, but because of the unanticipated large crowd I ended up going to a restaurant. Sad.

Luckily, SactoMoFo 4 was a vast improvement! Knowing that the event could potentially get crowded my friends and I decided to put a bit of planning into our day…


  • Carpool: This saved us the headache of finding multiple parking spots and each other. Plus it’s more fun to fight for a parking spot as a team. The main MoFo lot was full by noon, but we were able to find a spot by the park four blocks away, and I only experienced a minor incident of road rage.
  • Bring a Cooler: Before we headed to the event we made a pit stop at the grocery store and picked up water, lemonade, and mini bottles of wine. Yes, those mini bottles of wine that come in a four-pack. They’re perfect for picnicking and very classy. No cups required!
Heavenly Dog

The Main Event

  • Survey the Scene: Upon arrival, we walked around to get a feel for where everything was. Things were organized well, so that helped a lot. We even found the SactoMoFo booth and got a map of the event.
  • Divide and Conquer: After establishing a meeting place, we split up and headed to our selected trucks. We agreed to order enough food to share, which was awesome since I wanted to sample as much variety as I could.
  • Keep in Contact: Hanging out in line by yourself seems like it would be incredibly boring, but we kept in contact with each other via group text message. Getting real time updates on everyone’s status really gave it that “we’re on a mission” feel.
  • Beware of Food Envy: Wait times varied depending on the truck, so when one of my friends came and found me waiting for my order and handed me a delicious Volkswaffle we experienced immediate food envy. Someone whispered “did she just hand her a waffle?!” and before long, people started asking us where we got the waffles and how long the wait for waffles was.
  • It’s More than Food: While waiting for my order, I checked out Gypsy the first mobile boutique truck in Northern California. It was a great mix in to the rows of food trucks. Super cute selection of summer wear and accessories.
Coast to Coast Sandwiches

Post SactoMoFo

  • Picnic Time: With our orders in our hands we headed to the park across the street, grabbed the cooler out of the car, and picked a spot in the park. Then we turned on “The Return of the Mac” station on Pandora, cracked our mini bottles of wine, and unwrapped our food.
  • Enjoying the Feast: Between the three of us we hit Coast to Coast Sandwiches, Heavenly Dog, and Volkswaffle. All three places really delivered on serving up great food.


Only that we were too full to go back for a second round.

See you next year!

What was your favorite part?


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  1. AMP ROC says

    Sounds like a great time! I will have to check it out sometime. This article has made me hungry and desire mini-bottles of wine at 9:05am.

    1. Meghan McFadyen says

      Yes! I recommend going to the next one for sure. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends…and of course drink mini bottles of wine.

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