Day Dates & Daffodils

By Chantel Elder

I wanted to have a day date.  So bad in fact, that I was prepared to throw a fit complete with feet stamping and exasperated huffs until I got my way.  Lucky for me I didn’t have to go through all that much effort, because Greg needed one too.  We both needed to get out of town and day dream a bit.

Destination Daffodil Hill was established.  We drove along Hwy 16 and listened to all our favorites on the iPod, stopping only at a fruit stand for a much-needed grapefruit and Cajun cashews.  I am obsessed with the ruby red grapefruits and Greg with anything spicy, so we were in snacking heaven.  This time of year is my favorite, but then I think I say that about the beginning of every season.  Everything was in Technicolor on Friday…it was gorgeous, a perfect day for letting fluffy thoughts cloud your mind.

We decided to park our car on a little street in Sutter Creek before we headed up the hill. We walked around, hand in hand, tasting wine, sampling cheese and looking at things for our home that would never fit.

We found a saloon for sale and let our minds teleport to a life where we owned it.  I ran a photography studio out of the back and Greg was the Sam Malone of Sutter Creek.

Greg took the camera from me throughout the day and I was reminded how much he loves photography too.  We bought salami, a baguette and a couple of cheeses at a little cheese shop, so we hopped back in the car and headed to Daffodil Hill to eat our picnic among the flowers.

Hearing about some else’s day date is never as much fun as having your own. I suggest grabbing your favorite person and heading for the hills…here are some photos to motivate you.

Greg took this photo of me…what can I say, he makes me smile!

I think I have almost convinced him that wine is delicious…almost.  I need like 6 more months I think.

I wanted these tables and everything on and around them.  It all wouldn’t fit in the car though.

I loved this wall.  It wouldn’t fit in the car either.

The Destination: Daffodil Hill

Greg being all distinguished with his cheese and salami….and then not so much haha!

The cheese on the left was mustard and ale, and the other was English cranberry…delish!

I married him for those smile lines round his eyes.

It is getting longer!  My hair that is.

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  1. Lyndsey says

    Love the Cheese Shop in Sutter Creek! Best place!

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