Found: Best "Girl Power" Blogs

By Laura Braden

I happen to work in an industry (PR) that values and thrives on creativity and ideas, which can be fulfilling…and mentally exhausting. To stay motivated and inspired, I rely on a small group of women bloggers/online writers. If you can relate, check out my rundown of blogs/websites you should add to your Google Reader…today.

Ahn from 9 to 5 Chic

9 to 5 Chic – Based out of San Francisco, blogger Ahn (pronounced “on”) captures and shares her workplace style. Part tips, part inspiration, it’s chocked full of pictures so it’s a great blog to scan in between conference calls or during your lunch break. (Sample Post: Stripes and Leather)

Brazen Careerist – Career-management site for high achieving young professionals and ambitious college students. It’s technically gender-neutral, but a lot of the posts are for ladies-only. This blog typically has “lists” that are quick and easy (and informative) reads. (Sample Post: 7 Careers for People Who Love Pinterest)

Corporette – Fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable. Slogan is “fashion/lifestyle blog for overachieving chicks.” (Sample Post: The Chatty Boss)

The GrindStone – Can’t say enough good things about this blog. They sum it up best “as women move up in their careers, begin to find success and make traction in the workplace, they still need a place to go to vent their frustrations, share their amusements and learn how to survive as they move up the ladder. And that’s where TheGrindstone comes in.” (Sample Post: Working From Home Makes Me Feel Like I’m Getting Away With Something)

Jezebel – From celebrity gossip to women’s rights, Jezebel has something for everyone. They write in a pithy/sarcastic/witty tone – and they’re not afraid to make fun…of anyone. Sort of the online, female version of the Daily Show. Slogan is “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.” (Sample Post: Girls Are Getting Their Periods Earlier and Earlier, and No One Knows Why and How to Move Without Going Insane)

The Levo League – Online social network (LinkedIn-esque) designed for young professional women in the formative years of their career path. One of my absolute faces, they offer articles and advice ranging from travel to technology to work-life balance. (Sample Post: Stop Callin’, Stop Callin’: Maintaining Personal Boundaries in an Always-On Corporate Culture)

Ms. Career Girl – A great mix of real-life stories of ladies going through “quarter-life crises,”career advice, work-life balance, lessons from women CEO’s/entrepreneurs and networking. Slogan is “we believe you can have it all” (definitely something GOTGer’s shoot for!). (Sample Post: Eliminating workplace enemies)

She Takes on the World is now a book!

The Office Stylist – From the best tasty snacks to keep at your desk to chic office supplies to ways to transform your personal workspace, Sayeh shares what you need to know to live well at work™ — wherever work is. (Sample Post: Is Your Workspace Distracting You?)

Penelope Trunk – Penelope Trunk is an inspiring entrepreneur and the creator of Brazen Careerist (see above). This is her personal blog that focuses on witty advice and commentary on the workplace, self-improvement, work-life balance and everything in between. (Sample Post: New Strategies to Get a New Job)

The New Professional – Dedicated to showing the world that business casual doesn’t have to be boring and that work isn’t just another line on a daily to-do list. A fun mix of office advice and fashion, the founder – Angeline Evans – used to live in Sacramento/Davis but has sadly moved to Miami. (Sample Post: Internships: The best and the worst)

She Takes on the World – A title after my heart, this blog focuses on entrepreneurship, interviews with fabulous women entrepreneurs, business resources, and a free directory for woman-owned businesses. She also gives great fashion advice for the workplace. (Sample Post: Dear Mr. Zuckerberg: Where Are the Women?)

Who’d I miss? Who do you read for workplace fashion tips or career advice? Leave your comments below!


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  1. Jamie says

    This is awesome because I JUST created a Bookmarks folder for “career” blogs and about half of these are on my list! Also worth checking out: (way better than the cheesy name suggests (not so much inspirational, but a good financial resource)

  2. Laura Braden says

    AWESOME – checking these out today!

  3. Natalie MacNeil says

    Thank you so much Laura for including She Takes on the World among such great company. And what lovely surprise to see the book cover featured too! Thanks Laura 🙂

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