Zumba in Zacramento

By Kellie Edson

Dancing with friends, having fun, losing yourself in the music…sound like a typical Friday night at one of the midtown clubs?  Did I mention that you also just burned 800 calories?  That’s what we like to call Zumba – the latest exercise dance craze.  But this one is a craze that’s here to stay!  Let me tell you why…

Zumba was created in 2001 by Beto Perez when one day he forgot his regular workout music for a class and decided to use some of his own personal Latin music – impromptu.  Wah-lah, a new fitness routine was born!

Zumba is made up of easy follow Latin moves and follows a very repetitive style. Now before you shy away and start saying that you aren’t coordinated enough or that you don’t have rhythm, I promise you, ANYONE can do it!

I was you two years ago. I went to my regular aerobics and strength classes at the gym, and I watched through the window at the scary, scary Zumba class wondering – after many days of failed hip-hop classes – if I could ever handle trying something like that.  Then one I just did it.

I tried it.

And I loved it. Like obsession – loved it.

Now I couldn’t imagine a week without it.  And as of last August I became an officially licensed zumba instructor.  If only my old P.E. teacher from middle school could see me now!  The girl who refused to do anything but walk the “mile run” and who was more likely to be found being a TA for PE than actually participating – now TEACHING a dance aerobics class?  Unbelieveable.  But true story.

And there are so many wonderful places to try Zumba at in the Sacramento area. Two that I have experienced included:

Then of course, I frequent the instructors at various 24 Hour Fitness locations (favorites include Alex, Ingrid, Nadia, Sheila and Sarah).  The best part about Zumba is every instructor has their own flavor but they all bring the same encouraging party mentality.

Unfortunately, the classes that I personally teach are only available to Sac State staff and faculty as a part of our work wellness program. But I wanted to share an upcoming event on April 22nd – there will be a two-hour Zumba Party outside at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center from 11am-1pm.  It is a $10 donation that goes entirely to support the Eldorado Hills cyclones basketball team.  Several instructors, including myself will be participating and it’s sure to be a beautiful day.  It’s a great opportunity to try it out, get a lot of different flavors all without committing to a particular gym or dance studio.

So if you’ve ever thought of trying Zumba – or if I have now talked you into it – we would love to party with you on April 22nd!

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