Are You Ready for the Mad Men Season Premiere?

Note by Editors: The Sacramento-based Honey Agency posted a “mad” blog today to get ready for Sunday’s Mad Men season premiere.  Thank you to Meghan Phillips for sending it our way! We are beyond excited about Sunday’s premiere! What are you doing for the premiere? Any predictions for the season?

Mad Honey (by the Honey Agency)  

From the days of Mad Men, flash forward 50 years later–creative agencies have come a long way…

Mad Honey Group

We prefer wine over whiskey (most of the time), you won’t find a cigarette anywhere, and this time the women are running the show.

Queen Bees

Our work runs on Facebook instead of in magazines but the creative process and edging out competition remains the same. We’re paying homage as fans of the show that has taught us to stay diverse to avoid any “Lucky Strike” incidents, and paved the way for us to be self-made while wearing high heels…

Check out the full Honey Agency blog and more fun “Mad Honey” photos at

A very special thanks to Gordon Lazzarone PhotographyAJF Salon,  Arden Fair Banana Republic, andScout Living for all of their help putting this together. 

Mad Men Season 5 premieres this Sunday, March 25th on AMC.

Honey Agency is a boutique creative company specializing in design, web development, brand building and social media for businesses big and small in the wine, coffee, food and lifestyle industries.

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