Meet Your 2012 SMEBB Nominees!

Click here to vote for the 2012 SMEBB! (DEADLINE: 7pm on April 3)

We’ll celebrate the nominees and announce the Most Eligible Bachelor/Bachelorette at a cocktail party on Wednesday, April 4th at District 30. EVERYONE IS INVITED.

We’re partnering with WEAVE for the third year running so be sure to bring a clothing donation (lightly used suits/business attire) to help local women get back on their feet.


EJ Brown
25, Associate, Sacramento Law Firm
“EJ is one of a kind, and a well-traveled man with a plan. He’s currently studying for his J.D. at U.C. Davis School of Law and needs to be swooped up by a lucky lady before it’s too late! EJ enjoys playing sports AND practicing yoga, but best of all – he’s a great listener and conversationalist. You’ll want to bring him home to meet mom, guaranteed.”

Jay Cohen
49, Consultant
“Jay is the kind of man every woman is looking for… he’s charming, successful, and a hopeless romantic. Always choosing the road less traveled in his business and personal life, he currently owns a consulting company helping non-profits in the region, including the B Street Theatre. An accomplished chef and restaurateur, Jay loves cooking for friends and taking weekend trips to the coast, mountains, and wine country. He has a beautiful 6-year old daughter and sits on the boards of WIND Youth Services, WEAVE, and the California Food Literacy Center.”

Angelo Christie
27, Project Manager at AKT Investments
“On paper, Angelo is just a project manager for a land development company and UC Davis graduate, but in person he is so much more than that. His many talents include (but are not limited to) cooking, beer brewing, rugby, skiing, and Greek dancing…not to mention that he is hilarious, and a gentleman at that.  One more reason to vote for Angelo: if he wins the competition his mom will make baklava for everyone who voted for him. OPA!”

Ryan Digman
29, Program Specialist at Calpers
“I am nominating him because he is a fantastic guy who needs and wants to find his perfect girl. He is fun and spontaneous and caring! He loves to travel and stay active. He is very responsible and loves to volunteer his time to help others ( he has been volunteering with Kiwanis for 15 years!) He is also the best uncle to his nephew and my daughter!!! They call him Duncle, and he loves them like they were his own. He is looking for that special someone to settle down with and start his own family, and I believe he deserves it more than anyone.”

Joe Gregorich
29, Director of Government Affairs for the Toy Industry
“Joe is Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor for so very many reasons, but ladies – you may only admire and/or befriend, because the lucky soul to win Joe’s affections will be a male!  I’ve known Joe for years, and he’s not only got a gut-busting sense of humor, is compassionate, super fun and outgoing, but he’s an impressive young chap with ambition and career achievements under his belt. Joe manages state government relations with nearly half of the United States for the toy industry. (Yes, Joe has been known to hand out bagfuls of free toys and has to attend industry shows to test out the best new toys – tough huh?)  Joe was a collegiate swimmer, and I like to believe that is how he survived a boat running over him in the Sacramento River a few years ago (ask to see his scar!). When I think of Joe, what stands out in my mind is that he makes any situation fun and makes people feel comfortable.  Since I often work alongside Joe, he sure does make many less-than-fun or awkward circumstances fun and easy for all.  Have I mentioned Joe’s striking good looks?  Well, you can see for yourself in his pic, but Joe is great looking guy, with always impeccably styled hair, thin ‘n fit, tall, blue eyes and really good teeth!  PICK JOE!”

Randy Lucchesi
29, Estimator/Project Manager at Granite Construction
“Randy is a real-life Paul Rudd. He is living out one big romantic comedy wherein he is always the under-dog, but truly the guy that every girl wants. We are all waiting for that very romantic ending where that special girl realizes just how amazing Randy is, and we end the scene with a ballad by the great Peter Cetera.”

Matt Iaconis
26, Director of Wine Making, MSix Wine Group
“Matt is adventurous and extremely motivated in all aspects of life. An all around charming guy, he’s got EVERYTHING going for him. Matt is a winemaker and has stomped grapes throughout California and in New Zealand and Australia. He’s into fitness, wine, art and giving back to his community- and when he’s not doing any of those things, Matt enjoys spending time with his niece and nephew.”

Erik Rasmussen
21, Graphic Designer at
“Erik is smart, adorable and super talented – he’s going to make one lucky lady very happy!”

Colin Roe
27, Business Development at Fidelity National Title
“Colin is the whole package.  Family orientated, business driven, good looking and truly genuine/down to earth. Colin is actively involved in a non-profit organization in addition to a full time employee at a title company and an active member of VAD Vodka (currently the vice president of business development). Any lady would be extremely lucky to date Colin as he truly is one of a kind.”

Matt Ruggiero
“Matt is the definition of a true homie – This guy will slam whiskey shots (or Washington Apples if you beg), make sure you get home in one piece and encourage your overzealous tanning habit! Matt is outdoorsy but not in that “granola” way, let’s you have control of the TV remote (unless Justified is on), and isn’t above shaming himself for a good laugh. Plus, Matt has perfected what can only be described as the “fiercest walk in Sacramento.” A true family-first kind of guy, Matt regularly checks in on his folks and siblings, house sitting and pet watching whenever needed. Oh. And this champion can put together a MEAN BBQ.”

Chandra Sharma
28, Public Affairs Consultant at Meridian
“Chandra’s one of the most intelligent people I know – he’s that hard-working, successful guy that everyone is always counting on. Despite that, he never takes himself or others too seriously, takes every opportunity to make you laugh ,and makes new friends everywhere he goes (and refuses to ever let any of them have a bad day). Plus if you’re ever lucky enough to get him behind the bar, he’s an AMAZING bartender!”

Paulo Sibaja
24, Assemblyman Brian Nestande’s Legislative Director
“Paulo is charming, intelligent, passionate, driven, easygoing and a thrill seeker. He can cook a killer meal, is great with children, really enjoys the outdoors, and his hair is never out of place.”

Chris Tan
29, Graduate Student and League Supervisor for Xoso Sport & Social League
“In addition to being smart, sociable and funny, Chris is an accountant-in-training, beer enthusiast, great eater and even better cook (you should try his cioppino), huge sports fan, secret guitar player, and world traveler. Oh, and I dragged him to Arden Fair Mall for a day and he did not complain ONCE! Ladies, I think we’ve got a keeper here.”

Brook Taylor
29, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
“Originally from Oregon, Brook has called Midtown Sacramento home for 6+ years. A rising star in the Brown Administration, he loves his job as the chief advocate for the California economy — but despite the high-pressure job, he’s not all work. Brook’s been the President of the Sacramento University of Oregon Alumni chapter for 5 years, spending his weekends in the fall organizing events for the largest Duck group in California. However, his loyalty always lay first with his family and friends and he has no problem telling them how much they mean to him. He’s recently single and is easing back into bachelorhood and would be perfect for Sac’s Most Eligible Bachelor. He’s charming, a spontaneous romantic, and enjoys having a great time out on the town. And he’d look great on the arm of a confident, sweet, and easy-going Sacramento woman. So ladies! If you seeing Brook riding his beloved green-and-yellow Oregon Duck cruiser around Midtown, don’t be afraid to say hello! He’d love to meet you.”

Nathan Udy
29, Accountant
“Being in Sacramento, knowing what I know about MOST of the men here, hands down Nate is the most eligible bachelor. He’s always volunteering to host parties or dinners in his spotless loft on J Street. On Valentine’s Day with our small group of good friends, Nate put together a scavenger hunt for the girls – hiding little riddles all over the house – leading us to a room with a single rose for every girl, along with candy and a note to each of us. He’s an amazing cook, a successful and smart businessman, a marathon runner, and talented painter! A stand-up guy, through and through!”

Nick Vellanoweth
28, Head Cidermaster at Two Rivers Cider Co
“Nick is crazy fun and talented – recently named Rookie of the Year for the National Brew SkeeBall League and top Cider Maker (2010 Draft Magazine)!”

Click here to vote for the 2012 SMEBB!

We’ll celebrate the nominees and announce the Most Eligible Bachelor/Bachelorette at a cocktail party on Wednesday, April 4th at District 30. EVERYONE IS INVITED.

We’re partnering with WEAVE for the third year running so be sure to bring a clothing donation (lightly used suits/business attire) to help local women get back on their feet.


Erin Cook
25, Account Executive at AimPoint, Inc. 
“Loves hanging out with the girls, the SF Giants (and most sports!), her dog Jezzy, enjoying good food, wine and cocktails, and staying fit/active!”

Teresa Cooke
27, Associate Lobbyist
“Teresa has the biggest heart, and the minute you become her friend, you are scooped up into her world like family and treated as such. Her office is stocked with chocolates and tissues if you are having a bad day, and her door is always open.  She is there for you when you need a girls night to cheer you up, or will be your biggest cheerleader when you have something to celebrate. Don’t be fooled, though.  This girl has a sharp wit about her and will crack that joke you didn’t think anyone had the guts to crack.  As her close friends, we appreciate this about her because the laughs are endless.  She’s a little sugar, a little spice – and a lovely combination of both!”

Julie Crawford
29, Teacher/Volleyball Coach
“Julie is the perfect girl, in the sense that she has a heart of pure gold, a enthusiastic attitude, a healthy perception of herself and others, and emotionally mature yet still sweet and child-like. What a girl! Julie loves to work, and play, a lot! She is the girl you call when you want to take a Saturday morning yoga class, the friend whose house you drive over to after a break up, the friend that you watch TiVo all weekend long with and when you are craving fro yo, she knows just the place to go!! Julie also has a heart for others. In 2009 and 2011, she traveled to El Salvador with a nonprofit organization to build an elementary school in a remote village and to bring fresh water filters to that same community. Her time there certainly strengthened her care for others and refined her sense of self. Julie is one of the most beautiful people I have met. Her smile makes me smile. She is a joy to others. I hope that you and the rest of Sacramento can meet her very soon!!!!!!”

Ania Garbien
31, Lobbyist at Mercury
“Ania is sincere, outgoing and friendly. Her positive outlook on just about everything is infectious, and she’s one of the smartest people I know! Any guy would be lucky to date her!”

Nina Hajian
28, DJ at 100.5
“Nina is Persian and from Seattle. She does an amazing Marilyn Monroe impersonation. She never takes herself too seriously and is always down to have a fun time!”

Krista Harrington
28, Associate Producer
“She’s a beautiful, awesome, hilarious woman who deserves to find a good guy. She isn’t afraid of being herself, or telling you like it is, and she likes to have a good time, all the time! She enjoys long jogs past farmer’s markets, a good wine tasting, artichokes and unicorns.  Let’s get her on the relationship grid people!”

 Alessandra Lazzaretto
30, La Squadra Leader @ Hot Italian
Loves the sweet sounds of 90s music and dancing to them even more!
Exceptionally caring and thoughtful of all people around her
She makes a mind-blowing cornbread casserole!
Sunday football fanatic: loving her some Patriots and Raiders.
Always ready for a good time, even on a short notice.
Native of California: born in Southern but has lived in Sacramento for quite some time!
Dedicated to her family and friends, well, to pretty much everything she does.
Running serious mileage on the weekly is no big deal in her book: marathon status.
Amazing, put simply in one word.

  Jaimee Lee
32, Owner of Jaimeecakes
“Jaimee is one of the most bubbly, creative, and talented cake designers I know. Plus she is super outgoing, has a great personality, and is very well known in the Sacramento area. Please pick Jaimee Lee, she for sure deserves the recognition!”

Samantha MacLeod
25, Associate Producer
“’Cause she’s awesome, I mean look at that face! Do we need to say more? She’s the most eligible because she’s been single for a minute, and she’s a really caring, hilarious and great girl, ‘nuf said. Vote NOW!”

Heather Philpott
25, Communications/Events Manager for Midtown Business Association
“She is fun loving and upbeat, driven and up for just about anything.  She athletic and can keep up with Football chatter with the guys, Loves fabulous food, and knows how to throw a party.  She resides in the heart of midtown and has a true passion for city improvement that is demonstrated in her profession.  Her favorite place to grab a drink is The Golden Bear and she is famous for her love of Coors light.  She is a total catch with a big heart and sparkly green eyes…She is nothing short of a babe!”

Megan Range
29, Director at Mercury
“Megan is such a wonderful friend – she’s loyal, dedicated and a ton of fun. Somebody needs to scoop her off the market ASAP!”

Julie Stevens
30, Deputy Finance Director for Speaker of the State Assembly John Perez
“Julie is hands down the most eligible bachelorette in all of Sacramento…probably even California! In addition to being a tremendous friend, Julie is witty, kind, generous, articulate, cultured, open-minded, loving and incredibly polished. Julie gives a lot of herself to others, she is by far one of the best people I know! It’s my hope someone worthy of her attention and devotion wins her over!”

Margo Tanghetti
28, Doctor-in-training
“Margo is amazing for a lot of reasons but here are a few highlights…She has delivered babies in Africa, is half Nicaraguan, hates talking about herself, loves all miniature food service items, really good mini pie maker, voted MVC (Most Valuable Cook) at Thanksgiving this year, lives in Land Park, used to work at Betsey Johnson in New York City, jumped off the tallest bungee bridge in the world (but scared of the deep end of the pool), recently went to Red Lobster for the first time and LOVED it and got a bowl cut when she was 10 and was mistaken for a boy for a year. Margo is beautiful inside and out – not pretty as in, I want to punch her in the face, but pretty as in, I want to be her face.”

Lawana Welch
35, Associate Finance Budget Analyst – State of CA Dept. of Finance
“She’s an amazing girl with style, class, beauty, brains, and wit! She’s kind, funny and generous. She’s the kind of girl who enjoys everything from theater, nightlife and dancing, to tailgating and college football. She’s a catch all the way around.” … “She sells jewelry, is great at hosting parties, and is a supportive friend that is not afraid to ‘tell it like it is.'”

Danielle Vaticano
25, Account Executive at Schubert Flint Public Affairs
“Danielle is an absolutely beautiful person both inside and out. She is smart, funny, athletic, a great cook, and one of the most loyal people I have ever met. Her ambition and her love for life have led her to many successes both personally and in her career. I watched her grow and conquer the world while at the same time maintaining strong friendships and enjoying her 20’s. Any guy would be lucky to have her… but they better be able to keep up!” … “She follows the phrase “word hard, play harder” as she spends her days working as a kickass PR business woman and evenings/weeks as a Sacramento socialite.” … “She is intelligent (I’m talking book smarts AND street smarts). She has a wicked sense of humor and is always full of contagious positive energy! Her professional drive is matched by her strong commitment to her family and friends.”

Gin Woodruff
32, Accounting Manager at Records Research; Artist/Owner at Gin Gin Studios
“Not only is she a die-hard fan of the 80’s/90’s (she can completely destroy people at trivia. Trust me.), but she’s also incredibly gorgeous AND hilarious. In her spare time, Gin is a local Sacramento artist who dedicated last summer to 2nd Saturday shows (she had her own studio at the K Street Art Complex downtown). She’s mother to an equally amazing little girl, as well as owner to a stray-turned foster-turned pet Chihuahua named Fred. Gin is totally girly, yet spends the majority of her Sundays watching football. She puts her heart into her friendships and family, and is fiercely loyal. While she has and can take care of herself, it’s about time someone deserving comes in that she can share her amazing life with. Gin is a great catch, and most definitely Sacramento’s most eligible bachelorette.”

Click here to vote for the 2012 SMEBB!

We’ll celebrate the nominees and announce the Most Eligible Bachelor/Bachelorette at a cocktail party on Wednesday, April 4th at District 30. EVERYONE IS INVITED.

We’re partnering with WEAVE for the third year running so be sure to bring a clothing donation (lightly used suits/business attire) to help local women get back on their feet.

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    1. Jamie says

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