Exit Interview: 2011 SMEB Eric Dietz

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By the Editors

We caught up with last year’s 2011 Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor (SMEB) and asked him about his reign as GOTG’s first Sacramento Most Eligible Bachelor.

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Q: How has becoming the 2011 GOTG Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor changed your life?

How hasn’t it changed my life?  I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I am Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor!

The attention was really amazing.  I met some really interesting women from all over Sacramento.  Being out on the grid was always the best.  I did my very best to live the dream of all of Sacramento’s bachelors.

I was able to get a pretty amazing girlfriend out of being the bachelor.  My (low level) Sacramento celebritiness helped me snag a girl who, on any other day, would have definitely been out of my league.

Q: What have you done this year during your reign?

The first few months were the best.  Girls on the Grid did me the biggest favor by crowning me.

The finest moment as SMEB came the first night I went out after being crowned.  I was recognized immediately and got a drink bought for me. Unfortunately it was a man who did the recognizing and buying, but eh, still. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Since I started dating my beautiful girlfriend I have had to really tone down the bachelor duties.  Most recently I acted as Pat Harbison’s (2010’s SMEB) wingman to a group of bachelorettes.  All in the view of my (lovely) girlfriend who doesn’t understand that I must use my powers for good.

Q: What’s the secret to winning the crown?

Working in the Capitol really helps., the network is really huge.  Get the word out as much as possible. I emailed everyone I knew, begging for votes.  Holding a baby in a tuxedo in your profile picture certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Q: Any tips for this year’s Most Eligible Guy on the Grid?

Wear sunscreen.

For reals though, GOTG know how to put on THE BEST event, so be prepared for a wild night, with the best year of your life to follow.  Like the bachelor before me said, “Believe the hype”.  The grid will never be the same after being crowned.

Q: Have you found love?

Yes and my girlfriend couldn’t be more pleased that my time as bachelor is over.  She’s been debating my “eligibility” for months now.  I still claim my title, mostly just to bug her.

Q: What did you do with your crown?

Pweekly, last year’s SMEB, refused to relinquish his tiara. It was his only remaining link to his 2010 glory.

Q: What are you going to do next?

Vote or Die: Eric Dietz: Sacramento’s Most Ineligible Bachelor.

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