Worth It: WeLoveColors.com

By Ashley Robinson

Dear Jezebel.com, as a dedicated reader of your site, I read your recent Worth It column on WeLoveColors.com, checked out the site, purchased their products, and was inspired to write my own Worth It column on the same company, as well.

My apologies.

For those of you who don’t read Jezebel.com, you may not be familiar with WeLoveColors.com. So, continue reading.

As the Sacramento winter approaches, and my legs continue to lose all color (and let’s be honest, not worth it: shaving one’s legs), my use of tights, nylons, and fishnets increases. But I was getting tired of my options: black tights or nude nylons. I needed color and I needed variety.

I had scoured local stores and had not found anything I really wanted to buy.

After reading the Jezebel article on WeLoveColors, I found a lot of things I wanted to buy.

This site has over 50 solid colors to choose from – purple, kelly green, gold, and so much more! – as well as products in something called “splash color,” which I am not daring enough to wear. They also have different fabrics of tights – microfiber, nylon/lycra, and regular nylon. They have the same wide variety of color for their fishnets, which was fantastic. It’s so easy to find black fishnets, but what about brown? Or blue? Or pink?

In addition to the traditional pantyhose, they have leggings, thigh-highs, socks, gloves, shoelaces, active wear, leg warmers – and all with plus-size options.

So, I ordered a two pairs of micro-fiber tights, one in olive green and one in maroon, and two pairs of fishnets in brown and peach. Oh, and I ordered a pair of basic black tights on sale for $5. Never hurts.

Oh, did I also mention the prices are pretty good? The items I ordered were between $10 and $12.50, and shipping was cheap.

Additionally, they had items for men and children. (I immediately thought of one my favorite childhood movies, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.”) The website shows pictures of men running around a playground in orange tights, so it appears there is a market out there beyond Ren Faire costume needs. (I found those photos to be kinda odd.)

The only downside is that their website needs a revamp. It could definitely use a new layout with better navigating, the photos are tiny and not very revealing of how great the products are, and the small icons of the different colors for tights could potentially be misleading of what they look like in reality. (They weren’t, but when ordering from the site for the first time, I was nervous.)

A few short days later, my envelope arrived. At first, I was concerned because the tights looked really tiny wrapped up in little balls. But once they were on my legs, sigh, it was love at first sight, wear? These tights are comfortable, of seeming high-quality, look fabulous – particularly the maroon (which I love more than the others), and are actually kind of thick, so they will keep my legs pretty warm. The peach fishnets on my blue-white legs have this bright nude hue to them, which is questionable fashion, but I still enjoy them.

(I’m also excited about the idea of layering fishnets on top of the colored tights. So many options!)

Also, these tights could be great stocking (haha, get it?!) stuffers for family members.

So, are the tights from WeLoveColors.com worth it? TOTALLY.

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