Found: Pies from Plates Café & Catering

By Lisa Page

If you haven’t already picked up pies from Apple Hill for your Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re like me and not planning to make any, you have until THIS Saturday, Nov. 19, to order from Plates.

Think I’m referring to that round thing you eat on? Actually, the “Plates” I’m talking about is Plates Café and Catering, which is affiliated with St. John’s Shelter and trains women for careers in the food service, catering, retail and hospitality industries. Providing training for these industries makes sense because they offer more flexible hours, which all you moms out there know is important, particularly if you’re a working single mother with children. They are also industries where jobs are readily available.

This year, the women at St. John’s Shelter are serving up apple, pecan and pumpkin pies, so you can choose from among your favorites.  Who can really choose just one anyway? I have a feeling I’ll be ordering one of each. There will only be six of us this year at our house (plus a baby), but we cook for twice that, so we can eat leftovers all weekend long. You can check out my post from last Thanksgiving for what I will be making. I’m just buying the desert!

Back to Plates, if you want to learn more about the women currently in St. John’s six-to-twelve month learning program, click here for their inspiring stories. There’s really no better time to show our support for these strong women who are putting their lives back together than during the holiday season.

Plates Café and Catering, as its name alludes to, does more than just make pies for Thanksgiving. Plates Café is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and is located in Depot Park off Fruitridge Blvd. at 14 Business Park Way, Building 149 in Sacramento.

Want more than lunch? Plates is also a full service catering company that is perfect for your holiday party needs. They offer a varied menu and use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients and actively support local growers. And if that’s not enough to like, GOTG favorites Bobbin and Patrick Mulvaney are affiliated with Plates and help train and support the women that work there.

Now that I know where I’m buying my pies from, I just need to order that turkey….

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