Movie Mania: Summer Highlights

By Chantel Elder

Summer is typically a time for blockbusters, and there are a number of Hollywood hits on the big screen this summer, but this post isn’t about a list of the must watch movies or a review of Harry Potter (it was fantastic btw). Instead it’s a jumble of personal finds, ways to watch movies besides the large chain theatres and…. a few personal pet peeves to keep it real.

When I am feeling lazy or it is too hot to leave the house these are some of my favorite ways to watch movies from Home.

Best At Home Links:


Netflix – Ahhh Netflix, I love you so, the “watch it now” feature is awesome and perfect for a lazy movie day at home.

Top Documentary – This site has it all if you are a documentary junky!  The documentaries are broken into categories and offer more choices then time would ever allow me to watch.  It is awesome and epic…epically awesome?

Fun Flicks – Throw your own movie screening in your back yard and rent all the stuff yourself.   I have never actually done this but I am looking for the perfect excuse to. 

Here are some upcoming movie events on the Grid that are a little different than the same old same old movie viewing in the traditional theater setting.

 Local Movie Happenings:


Sacramento Film and Music Festival at The Crest Theatre – August 17-21st 2011

 Screens on the Green – movies in the park, every Saturday in August, at different local parks. Movies are free. Brings lawn chairs and enjoy!

 Crocker Art MuseumThursdays ‘til 9:Film Frame– Every first Thursday the Crocker Art Museum Presents film screenings that include commentary by filmmakers, enthusiasts, scholars, and artists.

Movie Night at Fairy Tale Town: Disney’s Mary Poppins

 11th Anniversary Trash Film Orgy – The Crest Theatre  –

Film Metro  – This site offers ways to get free tickets to screenings, so that you could be the first to see a film, judge it, write a review and maybe get your own show reviewing films?  Just like Mr. Ebert did.  Oh yeah!

Best Movie Nosh:

A bucket of hot popcorn (the bigger the better) with milk duds poured over the top so they melt, creating a salty, caramel, chocolate, stomachache that is perfectly worth it.

Best Local Theatres:

Tower Theatre

The Crest

Sacramento Drive in


Worst Movie Types:  This is my list of must avoids

Natural Disaster movies

Movies that have non-animated animals that talk

Any of the “Final Destination” movies

Spoof movies (Another Scary Movie)

Feel good movies with bad endings (The Break Up)

Really cheesy comedies

Movie Pet Peeves: A few gripes about going to the theatre

  • Clapping after a movie that isn’t a premiere with the live actors/directors present
  • Chair kickers
  • Having to sit in the front row
  • No Wine/Beer sales in most theatres (at least in Sacramento)
  • People that sit right next to you that don’t need to sit right next to you
  • People that say “The Book Was Better” (duh!?)

Are you a movie buff with thoughts to add to this?!  We welcome any and all contributions, discussions, recommendations or…pet peeves!

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