Worth It: Tank Essential

By Julie Soderlund

Every so often we find products here at GOTG that we can’t help but share about…TankEssential (www.tankessential.com) is definitely one of them.

This online company, as the name suggests, specializes in tank tops. So what’s the big deal you ask? Well these are not just any tank tops, their site allows you to actually design your own tank top customized to YOUR specifications. That’s right the days of buying poor quality, designed for the masses tanks are OVER thanks to Tank Essentials unique “Tank Builder.”  This cool online feature lets you choose your own strap size, neckline, level of support and length.  And, coming soon is an underwire option, which is awesome, especially for those who, unlike me, have some more to support.

I can tell you firsthand that I love the tank top I ordered from Tank Essential – it fits me well, puts everything in the right place (if you know what I mean) and has held up really well through many washes (a consequence of wearing it A LOT). If you think about it, we should pay more attention to things like tank tops, which are the foundation of many outfits, especially in the summer.

Extra bonus, Tank Essential is a Sacramento-based, woman-owned small business, very reasonably priced AND includes free shipping so you can shop guilt free(ish) while supporting local women.

Seriously what is there not to love!

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