Baby Bonding – the Kindermusik Way

By Lisa Page

The first time a friend asked if I’d been to a “Kindermusik” class, my first thought was my baby has five years to go until kindergarten, and my second thought was why does he need to go to a music class?

I’m proud to say I’ve survived the last six months since my baby was born without attending any mommy groups or stroller strides workouts. While I appreciate that these support groups and organized activities are important social activities for many moms, they just never seemed like my thing.

I immediately put Kindermusik in this category, but then this same friend mentioned that babies take really long naps after class. Now that was music to my ears! She also said it’s perfect for moms who are tired of singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Ummm…that hit home. I could really use some new tunes in my lullaby repertoire.

After doing some research, I saw that Kindermusik promotes trying a free class. I contacted the one in midtown at 1007 22nd Street, and Henry and I tested it out last week. We showed up expecting a room full of 20 or so moms like my prenatal yoga classes, but I was relieved when there were only a handful of other moms with babies in tow.

Class kicked off with the “hello” song, and I have to admit – I had to try really hard not to laugh out loud at a group of woman sitting in a circle and swaying with our babies while singing in our very best baby pitch voice “hello so and so.” I also don’t understand why so many children’s songs include the phrase “so early in the morning.” It was noon. Four a.m. is early, and I guarantee no one is singing at that time of day.

Needless to say, Henry and I were fairly skeptical at first. The class was fast paced though, so if we didn’t enjoy one song, there was another right after it. The moms were up and down with our babies. One song we were “shaking our eggs” with shakers, and the next we were “going round the mulberry bush” with scarves (and in case you were wondering, both were “so early in the morning”).

It wasn’t until about halfway through the class when Henry finally cracked a smile as we were twirling in a circle. After that, the smiles came more frequently. A few songs later we were rolling balls (and by “we” I mean the moms as none of our babies are old enough to actually roll a ball yet), when my very quiet baby wailed as I took his ball and rolled it to a mom and baby across the way. I noticed no other babies cried when their balls were taken, so I might have a sharing problem on my hands down the road, but it did break the ice and make everyone laugh.

As Henry started to put more into it, we both started to get more out of it. I realized that while this may not be on my list of most fun things to do, it is important for Henry to be around other babies and experience music, and it is great bonding time for the two of us.

Kindermusik’s summer session starts this week. There are shorter courses to account for summer vacation schedules and make ups sessions are allowed. I decided to sign up and give a full course a shot, so this is where you’ll find me every Friday in May and June.

If you’ve tried Kindermusik before, what did you think? Is it worth it?

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  1. Steph says

    My second child, a 2 1/2 year old boy, and I have been attending on Saturdays. I find the class awkward to sing in but the hostess welcoming. The children are switched far too quickly from activity to activity when all they want to do is swing their scarf or bang their drum.

    And, I’ve got the oldest child in there, he’s got words and demands, likes to throw the musical (and well-weighted) eggs, while the other kids are dressed in their jeggings looking angelic.

    So, with our six week purchase up, I don’t think we’re returning.

    Gymboree or gymnastics is next. Maybe even some hip hop at Coloma. My boy’s got moves!

  2. Erin says

    We did Music Together in Davis (no classes in Sac, at that time at least), which was actually really fun and had really catchy songs. We tried Kindermusik at the same studio you went to, when my daughter was 4 I think, so I just dropped her off. She loved the music, I hated it. She’s almost 7 now and still likes that darn Kindermusik cd!

  3. Heather says

    I did a 4 week class of Our Time via Groupon and it was the BEST experience for my then 19 month old. She loved all the music and movements and actively participated in everything, unlike many of the other activities I have put her in. She always had a great big smile and showed a lot of independence in her moves in this class. The teacher was really energetic and showed a lot of patience towards the little ones. This was at the mid-town location and we definitely plan to sign up for more classes soon!

  4. Amelia says

    Great story Lisa! So did Henry end up taking a nap afterward?

  5. Sharlene says

    I started doing Kindermusik with my oldest when she was five months old, we went every week until she was two and my second was born. He is starting his second year of Kindermusik. We LOVE it! My four year old still knows songs and activities from her Kindermusik days…I can’ believe how much they learn from the class. And after four years of this…I’m shocked at how much I have retained. I could sing pretty much any Kindermusik song in the book and so can my husband. It’s been a great part of our family’s life!

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