Mission Possible – Tips & Recommendations for Great Skin

By Chantel Elder

I got invited to a Mardi Gras birthday party this year that just happened to be at The Crescent Club, a new little speak easy in Old Sacramento.  I had never gone to a Mardi Gras party before…lame I know since I am 29. 

I bought a super cute, tight, blue, dress that showed enough cleavage to make my husband do a double take, and found some fabulous shoes in the depths of my closet to match.  I was ready and super pumped about it.  What is the problem right?!  Oh nothing except for I had this disgusting and might I add giant blemish on my cheek.  I don’t have crazy terrible skin but I certainly don’t have that glowing, pore-less skin that my best friend has, which I envy with my every being. 

Lucky for me masks were mandatory for the event so I headed down to Evangeline’s with my said glorious skinned friend Alana, to purchase a mask to celebrate Mardi Gras but more importantly to hide my face.  I found a mask that feathered and billowed out covering half of my ENTIRE face.  Perfect SCORE! 

Later in the evening I realized that this wasn’t the first time that a stupid break out had almost ruined my plans of looking like a chic party girl.  Sure this evening went fine, but masks just aren’t appropriate at most social gatherings…even though life might be more fun if they were.  I tied that thing to my face and didn’t take it off the entire night.  I guess you could say that when I commit to a good time very few things will keep me down.  Alas, this blog has a point: skin care.

I am one of those people that have perfectly problematic normal skin.  That might be a category I just made up.  My skin is kind of dry depending on the season and I break out literally twice a month like clockwork.  One week before my special monthly time and 10 days after.  I have found a few products that I adore following my Mardi Gras mask fiasco, that I wanted to share, along with a few things to consider about break outs that Glamour or Oprah magazine might not have covered lately.

Products I have Discovered


My Mom turned me on to this after she had gone to see her plastic surgeon.  This stuff is legit.  It turns you scaly for a week or so after using it, but holy cow does it work once your skin gets used to it.  My Mom let me use some and it took away scaring marks and softened lines along with blemish control.  The catch is it’s price and it isn’t all that easy to find.  Think of it as the Mercedes Benz of skin care.


I discovered this stuff while meandering through the shoe section of Macy’s downtown, although they have their own store at Arden now.  It hasn’t so much worked for preventing break-outs but they have killer night creams. Night-a-mins is a staple in my house. It actually has stuff in it to make you sleep and my husband insists on having some before bed each night – shhhh don’t tell.  They also have a really awesome line by Dr. Weil that is earthy in smell and made with all sorts of mushrooms. It is great for sensitive skin.  This stuff is totally affordable, I mean not like Rite aid affordable but you know …doable in price.

 Mario Badescu

My friend Beth swears by this…and so do celebrities considering Jennifer Aniston appears on their website.  It is suppose to be fabulous for rosacea and basically everything.  It too is pricey and hot on my “Must Try” list as Beth has magnificent skin.

 A Few Tips from Yours Truly

  • Wash your make-up brushes once a week.  It makes a HUGE difference.
  • Text instead of talk on the phone – It took me a quick minute to do the math;  phone + face = break out.
  • Drink water like crazy – Yeah it helps – not as much as everyone says but it does help.
  • Find a good moisturizer.  I found out I was overly washing my face and dehydrating it thus making it produce oils – go figure.
  • Take the pill…unless you know you are trying for a baby, and then obviously don’t.  It helps with bad skin says my doctor.

 Suggestions from other GOTGers that are worth trying

Oh and my Fabulously faced B.F. Alana – she uses Mary Kay!  Umm yeah it looks like there is no wonder cream but more what works for you.  Hope this helps and Thanks! to all the Grid Girls that offered up their skin care products. If one on my hot list doesn’t work I have a list I can run to!

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