“Shock”ingly Cool event hosted by the California State Library

 By: Robin Swanson

In a town full of self-proclaimed wine-connoisseurs (didn’t we used to be called winos?), anyone with a true appreciation for the grape will pay deference to Darrell Corti, the legendary wine merchant and food expert behind Corti Brothers in Sacramento. As such, and as a devoted Facebook follower of the group “Darrell Corti will always know more than you about food and wine,” (that’s the actual name of the group – we all know our place as subjects of Master Jedi Corti), I stumbled upon one of the most randomly cool events I’ve seen in awhile.

Hosted by the California State Library, the cultural series “Food for Thought,” is screening the movie Bottle Shock, on Wednesday, April 20th, followed by a discussion with the master himself, Darrell Corti, who remembers when California wines were put on the map at the “Judgment of Paris,” as chronicled in the movie.  Added bonus, fellow recessionistas: it’s free!

I’ve seen this movie, and for those of you that think Sideways is the premiere wine movie of the decade, you’re so 2004 – Bottle Shock is the movie that will give you a true appreciation of why people now come from all over the world to taste Napa wine.

As someone who frequently hosts “Wine Wednesdays” at my office (yes, it’s because I love alliteration) to unwind with friends and colleagues, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening.

From the California State Library, here’s a great summary of the movie Bottle Shock: Based on a true story, this 2008 indie film chronicles an historic upset in 1976, when Napa Valley wines scored a shocking victory over France’s best varietals in a blind tasting with eight Parisian judges. The “Judgment of Paris,” as it came to be known, vaulted California vintners and their wines to international prominence. Bottle Shock stars Alan Rickman as a droll and acerbic British wine snob who orchestrates the competition to boost sales at his Paris wine shop, and Bill Pullman as a debt-ridden winemaker struggling to survive as he cultivates a legendary chardonnay at Chateau Montelena. The dappled beauty of the Napa Valley is backdrop to this classic David vs. Goliath story.

More info at: http://www.library.ca.gov/pressreleases/pr_110412.html

EVENT INFO: Wednesday, April 20, from 5:00 to 8:30 pm in the California History Room, Room 200, California State Library, 900 N Street, Sacramento.

Doors open at 5:00 pm; the program begins at 6:00 pm with time for discussion afterward.

Metered street parking is free after 6:00 pm; 8th and O light rail access is nearby. Seating in this venue is limited, so attendees must RSVP to Rebecca Ann Fontaine at (916) 653-9942 or rfontaine@library.ca.gov.

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