The Office Candy Jar – Friend or Foe?

By Becky Warren

Yesterday there was a great article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The Battle of the Office Candy Jar and I could totally relate. The candy dish and the delicious baked goods that come into our office are, in  my opinion, the enemy.

Our office has glass bowls strategically positioned throughout the office filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, little Hershey bars, Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, the list goes on. And every time the bowl is nearly empty it is filled again with all of these tempting – I would taunting — treats.

A fellow GOTGer claims that one of her officemates keeps bringing in peanut M&Ms which I think is the most dangerous. Its just too easy to have handful after handful of them. 

The Wall Street Journal article details a study that found that when candy was visible in a clear and covered dish, people ate 2.5 pieces of chocolate on TOP of the 3.1 pieces they would have eaten if the candy was in an “opaque container”. Moving the dish closer so the participants could reach the candy while still seated at their desks added ANOTHER 2.1 candies a day.

I personally have the toughest time to resist the urge of just having one …or maybe two… or three of these tempting little treats that call out to me every day around 2 or 3pm.

While many people and bosses think candy offers some benefits and maybe even boosts of morale – I question whether this is just old school logic.  To me, a better morale boost would be to encourage employees to take an hour to work out, go to yoga or pilates class. On rare occassions I do sneak in a quick workout at noon and I am so much more energized for the afternoon.

In the article, it also details different strategies that offices have tried to successfully resist the temptation of the candy jar. Our office has actually tried a few of the tactics they mentioned. For example, we held a Biggest Loser competition in our office. Unfortunately, people were really good for about two weeks but then most fell off the wagon. However we still have the scale and my co-workers are still regularly weighing themselves.

Our kitchen does have fruit, baked chips, and some Lara bars as alternatives but these options are dangerously close to the bowl with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…so you can guess what usually happens!

What are some of your strategies to resist these little diet-killers?  We definitely want to know!  I can use the help!!

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  1. ashley robinson says

    yea, buy really crappy candy that you only resort to eating when the sugar monster takes over, such as lemon starburst, root beer flavored hard candy or anything with black licorice.

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