Women Power – Review of “Made in Dagenham”

By Becky Warren

For years I went through a period of not watching any films in the movie theatre. I just really didn’t want to spend the time with a whole room of strangers watching a film I wasn’t so certain I would even like. But then over the last four to five months, I’ve gone overboard watching film after film. I found there has been some really great films out there lately – especially independent films  that are real and sometimes inspiring.

One movie that I found very inspiring and in honor of Women’s Month, here’s my review.

Movie: Made in Dagenham

Recommendation: See it! The movie is now available to watch in the comfort of your own home.

Summary: Set in the 1960s, the movie is based on a true story about a group of women who are sewing machinists and the only women employees at the Ford Motor Factory in Dagenham, England where they sew interior upholstery. The women, led by Rita O’Grady (played by Sally Hawkins) take a stand for women’s rights and equal pay.

Review: This movie, for me, was much less about unions, and much more about how someone decided to take a stand and endure sacrifices to fight for what she believed in.

This woman, Rita, was not looking to be a leader. She was focused on working to help provide for her family. But then when she was called to attend a meeting with union leaders and management, she realized that the women were just pawns in their game and that both the union and management were willing to continue to keep the women down for their continued advantage.

She then rallied her fellow co-workers to strike and to stand up for equal pay for women machinists. This stand was tested numerous times during the film and it ultimately cost her co-workers and her financial hardship, heartache, and stress. However, she continued to inspire her fellow co-workers to persevere and to sacrifice for what is right.

There was also a great portrayal of men, who played a critical role in the women’s success. Both her work manager as well as her husband were great sources of strength. Although her husband did not understand why she was doing it, endured ridicule and pressure from his own co-workers, he ultimately stood by her and took care of the household while she was away fighting for equal pay. 

This movie shows that when you really believe in something, you can  make a difference. I found it inspiring and motivating.

Last, but not least, the fashion in this film was amazing. I love the Mad Men look and this movie embraced it completely with the great 1960s suits, dresses and silhouettes.

Get some of your girlfriends together and watch this film – its well worth it!

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  1. Chantel says

    Whoo! This one sounds good! I think I saw the preview for it when I went to watch “The King’s Speech” at Tower. BTW that also was a fabulous movie!

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