The Debate: Are Cute Workout Clothes Essential?

 By Becky Warren

My friends and I have been having an ongoing debate about whether investing in cute workout clothes is really necessary. For example, I carefully pick out what I am going to wear and make sure its color coordinated from my sports bra to the jacket I wear to and from my workout. While some of my other friends just stumble out of bed in old sweats and a t-shirt. These friends think this is just completely ridiculous and a waste of time and money.  

They say that you are just sweating in these clothes, so it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as they are comfortable and work for the workout.

I completely disagree with them and I will tell you why.

When I have a cute and coordinated workout outfit to wear to bootcamp, to pilates, to run or to the gym I am more motivated to work out. Maybe that says that I’m not completely motivated to work out but I’m telling you, it really is an added push for me to go and work out. If I pull out my dumpiest clothes to wear I definitely am not going to feel good about working out and may just decide to stay in bed. Additionally, I feel self-conscious at the gym glimpsing in the mirror and seeing my mismatched, oversized, ill-fitting clothes.

My commitment to cute workout outfits did not happen overnight, it was a progression. When I first started to regularly go to the gym and get into shape, I would pull out my old campaign t-shirts and sweat pants and head to the gym. I was just getting into the routine of actually going to the gym and I could care less what I was wearing.  Then I noticed the mirrors at the gym and realized I totally looked a little sloppy and NOT attractive.

So then I decided to start shopping for better workout clothes and headed out to discount retail stores like Walmart and Old Navy to purchase some clothes that at least fit. I felt a bit better and started color-coordinating my workout clothes a bit more.

Then came Nike. One day, a friend had me try on Nike Perfect Fit pants. And I thought I could live in them. Not only did they make my thighs look smaller, they were great sweat-absorbers and felt great. I started getting some Nike tank tops to go with them and was really starting to look forward to wearing my workout clothes every morning.

This is where I was for years. Always on the hunt for Nike apparel on sale to add to my workout wardrobe. I felt comfortable enough to wear the clothes out and about to run errands before or after my workout on the weekend.

And then I was introduced to Lululemon. Ahhhhhhh! Since the moment I met Lulu, I have never looked back.

This was the best and worst introduction to me. It was the best in that Lululemon… hands down… has the best workout clothes for women. The pants make me look smaller, the tops are feminine, the jackets and long-sleeved shirts are flattering and functional. I am telling you – absolutely everyone looks great in these pants. I don’t know what it is but these pants will make you never want to take them off.  Lulu clothes literally feel like you are walking around naked because they are so comfortable and the material has more sweat-absorption than any other brand I have ever worn.

The worst part about this introduction is that, of course, Lululemon is the most expensive of the brands that I have worn. Pants – not on sale – run at $98. But once I tried on Lululemon, it ruined me for most other brands. I only want to wear my Lulu clothes. In fact, as I am writing this blog, I am wearing Lulu pants and a Lulu long-sleeved shirt.

Unfortunately, Sacramento does not have a Lulu store but  there are still ways to cure a Lulu fix. Several yoga and pilates studios sell Lulu such as Zuda Yoga and The Dailey Method. These studios often have sales for Lulu which help with justifying why I absolutely have to purchase another tank.

Every day now I get super excited to put together my  workout outfits each morning and wear them to work out. I know they look great and I feel 100% confident when I am wearing these clothes. When I look in the mirror, I know I won’t see unsightly bulges or lumps as my clothes really are flattering.

I do think that cute clothes really does make a difference in getting me to the gym and do not distract.

 What do you think? Do you think this is all about nothing? A waste of time and money? Or do you agree with me and think cute clothes are essential to a great work out?

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  1. amy says

    i COMPLETELY agree that cute workout clothes help! especially at the gym. i usually don’t care so much about what i’m wearing when i head out for a run (because i’m going to look gross in a matter of minutes regardless of what i’m wearing …) but if i’m going to be seeing my reflection in mirrors while i lift weights, do pilates, etc., i think it’s a huge help to like what i see.

    and another very practical reason is that if i put on cute workout clothes, i can run errands before or after the gym and feel a little less self-conscious. =)

    finally, i could not agree more on the lulu front — i am a huge fan! everything fits beautifully, feels great, and i can run full marathons in their sport bras without chafing, which is a miracle.

  2. Caroline Silveira says

    I AGREE! But I also think it has to be cute plus functional. Workout clothing that fits correctly can actually make you work out better! You can see your form, and you don’t have to fear moving in a way that might make your cheap pants show your undies, or your ill-fitting top or shorts riding up on you every couple minutes. So, if you would be better off buying for function, then buy for cute too! Also, I like my workout clothes to be for working out, my sleep clothes for sleeping, etc. I like it all separate.
    p.s. You fail to mention Lucy brand. And, we have a Lucy shop at Pavilions on Fair Oaks Blvd. I buy most of my pants, shorts, and tanks there. Awesome quality, pretty expensive – but sales and good online coupons. I’ve steered clear of Lulu so far because I’m scared to venture out and never come back!

  3. Nina says

    agreed. cute workout clothes are motivating. make me feel good about myself and push me to workout harder. Lulu is expensive but I also discovered Lucy brand. They have sales all the time. I bought their cardio pants for $42 on sale when the original was $88. These pants are great for the gym, yoga and running in cold weather.

  4. Cute Workout Clothes says

    Agreed! Looking good is one thing when you dress up but it’s so motivating to look good when you’re working out. Pushes you harder to look even better!

  5. Pansy says

    I have never been a fan of buying over priced or even low priced gym clothes or putting extra effort in my gym attire/look since i know i always leave wet and yucky feeling… having competed for nearly all my life i am a true regular at the gym and anything I wear fortunately looks fairly decent on me but it has always been so interesting & funny to me to see girls (mostly) get beautified for the gym… Makeup, cute hair, & OUTFITS! The outfits have by far been the most hilarious because while I understand some people might need a false motivation to workout but its usually the ones who look as if they are only in the gym after a dr or 2 or even 3 gave them a death warning regarding their weight… No joking at all – but it is rather refreshing to see fear-of-gym bodies in decent workout clothes. The cute over matching attire is always a tell tale sign they are NEW to cardio & healthy living. By the time ‘they’ get it – matching doesn’t matter and a healthy lifestyle becomes the real priority… Since by that time anything you put on tends to look great on you;)

  6. Rebecca rose says

    We feel more cool and energetic in cut workout clothes and cute workout clothes really look too cool and make you more motivation and others as well.

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