Genius Ideas – Part 1: Dog Park With…

By Ashley Robinson

This is part one of an ongoing season in which Girl on the Grid Ashley Robinson offers genius ideas of potential business owners to act upon.

Let’s call it “Seven Years” or “Four Legs and a Tail” or something like that. Ooooh, what about “Booze Hound”!? Or not … hmmm.

The dog park experience would really benefit from some sort of café/wine bar. Imagine taking your lovable pooch to the dog park in the morning before a long day of work. You stand out there watching the world’s most amazing dog, YOUR dog, while shaking in the cold. No coffee, no croissant, no doggie snack to award your puppy when they see how happy you are with your hot paper cup of latte.

Naturally, these are things you can bring with you from home, but why not have someone else do these things for you?

Dharma Bum

I take my little angel to Sierra 2 dog park and I can imagine a coffee bar surrounded by café tables in the far south-west corner … kind of near the playground. I’m sure parents wouldn’t mind the opportunity to partake while their human puppies trample all over each other, either.

This cafe would serve light morning fare and coffee, not unlike those drive-through places. A few tables with chairs, the paper and a chance to actually enjoy the morning at the park.

In the evening, when doggie owners trudge back to the park after work to let their little canines run amuck, “Booze Hound” is brimming, pouring fine wines and serving up cheese plates (nachos will do, too). That’s right, happy hour and dog park time. Count me in!

Not that I have ever resented my little Dharma Bum, but happy hour going has really hit a bump. At the end of a nine-hour day, the last thing I can afford to do is let my puppy be locked in the house longer than absolutely necessary. She needs to go out, run around and be free. And in the end, I’m the one sitting at home cooped up drinking alone.

Why drink alone when I can drink with others?! Let’s meet up at the dog park for a glass or two!

 Espresso bar, dog park. Cocktails, dog park. Dog-friendly eatery.

 It’s a win-win.

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  1. Melissa Martinie Colburn says

    This is pretty brilliant…while they are at it, why not a self serve or while you wait dog wash? My pups get dirty AND slobbered on at the dog park, blech! Maybe a combo dog wash/car wash, clean dog usually accompanies a clean car at my house or vis a versa.

    So the coffee house/wine bar would probably have to be fenced off from the general pupulation (pups with food issues? that could get dicey) but it would lead to much longer dog park trips for a lot of dogs out there. It could also lead to more INCOME for the dog parks for improvements, supplies, repairs. Someone should really take this and run with it.

    Dugan and Tripper also think this is a fabulous idea.

  2. ashley robinson says

    Ooooh, Melissa! Dog wash: GENIUS!

  3. Kendra says

    The dog park in Davis has a rinse off area near the parking lot, but then you have a wet dog in your car.

    Ashley, I think this is a great idea. I am also at Sierra2 often with my fluffy white dog, Sierra, and would love a dog park happy hour! I may borrow your phrase “human puppies.” Love it!

  4. Chantel Elder says

    Hahah! I second the wine dog park idea!

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