Exit Interview: 2010 SMEB Patrick Harbison

By the Editors

We caught up with last year’s 2010 Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor and asked him about his reign as GOTG’s first Sacramento Most Eligible Bachelor.

Q: How has becoming the 2010 GOTG Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor changed your life?

Believe the hype. After I won I was able to meet a ton of interesting women all around the Grid. Just last week I spoke to a group of orphans in Burkina Faso and they were thrilled to see the SMEB. It was a once in a lifetime experience for them. But for me, it was just a part of the job – The cross I must bear.
Also, I got into a dance-off with “Galt’s Most Eligible Bachelor” which, I’m proud to say, I dominated. 
Q: What have you done this year during your reign?

True to my campaign pledge, I wore my sash everywhere I went. This proved particularly challenging during my bi-monthly nudist colony visits, but a promise is a promise.
Additionally, I brought down a really repressive regime in Egypt. So, you’re welcome for that. 

Q: What’s the secret to winning the crown?

Spreading the word. Social media, email blasts, even my own website – I used everything at my disposal to get the vote out. Also, ex-lax. Lots of it. 

Q: Any tips for this year’s Most Eligible Guy on the Grid?

Don’t arrive to the SMEB party in an egg. It’s been done to death.
Q: Have you found love?

Love? No. But I did find a sword that, when held, transforms me into a fictional character from Castle Grayskull. I’d like to think I still came out ahead.
Q: What did you do with your crown?

I still wear it every day. To bed.

Q: What are you going to do next?

I’m currently vying for the lesser known title of “Greenhaven’s Most Eligible Bachelor.” Fingers crossed for that. I also plan on touring foreign entities like “Carmichael” and “East Sac” to help spread the Grid’s message of excessive drinking. I’m always thinking of my constituents – So making sure their alcohol of choice is available off the grid is near and dear.

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  1. Jennifer Dart says

    This was absolutely hilarious! Hopefully he’ll be there tonight!

  2. Tracie says

    Funny, sexy and still single? He totally embodies the “perpetual bachelor” but damn he’s hot!

  3. Samantha says

    LMFAO! Love a man who knows how to hold his sword.

  4. Mallory says

    Thank you GOTG for highlighting these Sac hottie! More events we have access to all of these bachelors, maybe an auction for charity where we can “buy” an evening with hotties like this, just sayin! Could raise money for some great charity, completely subjectify these hot guys and give us women some fun 😉

  5. Stephanie says

    Great interview ladies. This guy seems hilarious.

  6. Leslie says

    I’ve read this four times and continue to laugh out loud. Thanks for the treat ladies! Was great meeting him and the other bachelors last night.

  7. Beth says

    This guy should have hosted the Oscars. Would have been twice as funny!

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