Bootcamp Diaries: The Results

This is it. We did it. During the past six weeks, we have sweated, refrained from some of our favorite foods and drinks, and our social calendar has basically been non-existent…but we completed the bootcamp and as a result, we are all a few inches smaller and a few pounds lighter.

Chantel Elder

I did it!  I made it six weeks with no wine, cheeseburgers or sugary treats.   The first couple weeks were especially hard but I am happy to report that all of my efforts were more worth it then I could have imagined.  I figured that my body would change; after all I changed absolutely everything about my day-to-day life with the intentions that it would in fact become more toned and svelte.  What I hadn’t counted on were emotional changes, new friendships and an entirely new outlook on life.  I am aware that this might sound like a ridiculous T.V. testimonial but Kaia F.I.T. is unlike any thing I have tried.  I mentioned in past posts that I was a typical yo-yo dieter that would decide to put effort in to my health only when I wanted to fit in those skinny jeans that were starting to feel snug.  Fitness has never been a consistent way of life…until now.   It isn’t just the different daily exercises or the weekly monitoring of food that kept me in line, it was the comraderie of all the women that was most inspiring.  Each woman had a goal and a story and most importantly a voice of encouragement when you weren’t sure if could push yourself any harder.  I am so pleased with the results that I have signed up for the next 10-week work out plan and below are my stats along with a before and after photo.  Aside from shedding a few pounds, I got a new haircut too!

  Start End Loss
Weight 136.6 lbs 131 lbs 5.6 lbs
Body Fat 30.5 % 24% 6.5%
Waist 33 ½ inches 27 ¾ inches 5.75 inches


This is our group photo of all the magnificent women that were a part of the last six weeks boot camp.

 I wanted to feature Cassie and her sister Becca along with the wonderful coaches of Kai F.I.T. for this blog, so naturally I showed up with my camera to get all the ladies doing their thing!  I will stop at nothing to have arms like theirs…


Julie Soderlund

Six weeks ago I never would have thought that I would have made it through this boot camp experience without cheating or having a total breakdown – but now that we are on the other side I can honestly say this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a diet/exercise regime. I guess you could say I am a Kaia F.I.T. believer.
The results are both physical and mental. First for the physical. I lost just under 10 pounds as well as 6 percentage points in body fat and inches around my hips, thighs and upper body. Not to mention that I feel really good and have put into place some very positive changes in my day-to-day eating habits that I will carry with me. That alone was WAY more than I was expecting since I came into this program in decent shape and with a diet that was relatively healthy (most days).
But over the past six weeks I have also experienced a mental shift in the way I think about diet and exercise. For many years I have allowed the number I see on the scale dictate the way I think about how I look (and also how I feel about myself). Over the past six weeks that has begun to change a bit. Although I still have a long way to go in this area, I have become more focused on the fact that being fit and eating right is something you do every day and not something you can judge based on one wheels off day of eating or bloated day on the scale. I have begun to consider some fitness goals that have nothing to do with how I look or how much I weigh, but are really about pushing my body to the next level. And despite the considerable amount of energy I have put into this program over the past six weeks, I feel like my thought life is much less consumed with body image issues and much more focused on fitness goals and on other aspects of my life. Now that we get a bit of a respite from the five days of Kaia F.I.T workouts (we go down to three days a week) and the diet is less strict (yes, I have already re-learned how to use a corkscrew), I am looking forward to continuing in this path and building on the foundation laid over the past six weeks.
Finally I want to extend a big THANK YOU to a few folks. First to my longsuffering husband who has put up with a lot of talk about diet and exercise along with a significant decrease in social activity. Second to my fellow GOTG Kaia F.I.T. partners in crime – you have both been an amazing encouragement to stay the course in this process. And finally to Casie and her husband Abe, the owners of Kaia F.I.T. for taking the courageous step of opening up this business and pushing me to make needed changes to my workout and eating routines.

Becky Warren

Well after six long weeks, it was definitely a great feeling of accomplishment when I stepped on the scale on the last day to measure the results. As I have mentioned in past posts, I’m a serial fad/trend workout junky. I’m always flitting to one new program or exercise to the next. And so I have joined boot camps in the past, but none like this one. 

Although the workouts were always challenging, I like how focused they are. Each day is basically an hour of interval training where every minute counts. I have never done so many excercises in just 60 minutes before. I also found the Kaia coaches personal attention to each girl’s goals motivating. I have been to programs where they do not care if you show up or not. Here, they do care and are focused on helping each person achieve their goals.

There has been days that I wasn’t feeling it or couldn’t wait until the hour was up, but I always felt great afterwards. The diet was also very challenging but during the last three weeks I really worked at sticking close to the diet. And the diet with the workouts resulted in 5 pounds lost, 4 percent of my body fat gone, and several inches lost on my waist, thighs, hips, and chest (yes, I lost the most inches on my chest… of course!)

Thank you to Casie and her team for inviting Girls on the Grid to be a part of their first boot camp (known as BRIC) in Sacramento! I can’t wait to keep going! 

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  1. Dalia says

    Bravo Chantel! And the photos are stunning too. 🙂

  2. Jenni says

    Amazing job!!!

  3. Robin Swanson says

    You are very brave ladies! Congrats to your successes – both mental and physical!

  4. Katie Leao says

    Love it! You girls ROCK!!! Keep it up Sacramento! xoxo Minden Kaia Chick!

  5. Becca Warren says

    Great pictures Chantel! You did amazing, everyone did! Thanks and keep up the great work girls. I love my Kaia girls.

  6. Jillaine Geddes says

    Nice work ladies! So inspirational! Keep up the good work! All the girls at Reno Kaia FIT!! :-))

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