Boot Camp Diaries – Sixth and FINAL WEEK!

By Chantel Elder, Julie Soderlund & Becky Warren

We’re all still working out and on the boot camp diet (no sugar, flour, alcohol, etc), and seeing great results – in fact this is the sixth and final week of this journey at Kaia Fit. This week is going to be particularly a big push since we go back to detox mode and eliminate even complex carbs and dairy.

Watch out world next Saturday night when we’ll be back at our usual spots on the grid.

And speaking of those usual spots, we thought that rather than bore you all with another installment about working out and eating like rabbits, we we’d take this opportunity to apologize to a few local establishments for being MIA over the last 5 weeks as we’ve buffed, toned and detoxed. Here’s the list, in no particular order:

L Wine Lounge: Sincere apologies to L – we’re pretty sure they noticed a dip in revenue this month, funny how going out isn’t as much fun when you can’t eat most things off the menu or drink anything other that water and coffee!

Marie’s Donuts: So sorry to have missed our Saturday morning excursions to this fabulous, old-school donut shop in Land Park. They also open at 1am if you ever need a late night donut fix (of course none of us have been up past 10pm for the past 6 weeks anyway).

Freeport Bakery: We’ve avoided you like the plague because one step into your haven of yummy goodness would have been more than we could handle. You better believe we’ll be back, maybe as early as Saturday.

Spataros: Oh yes, we apologize for not walking into your establishment even once over the past five weeks for fear to succumb to your great happy hour including your tempting fritto misto and marguerita pizza.

Taylor’s Kitchen: You have not seen us since the New Year and we apologize. We miss our Friday night glass of wine (or two) of Andrew Rich and your delicious dinner specials.

We are sorry for our absence, but don’t worry, we’re coming back very soon (although maybe a little less often now that we are into this whole healthy living thing)!

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  1. Dalia says

    OMG you had to mention Marie’s!!! My absolute favorite–miss the flat, square fritter! 🙁

  2. Nikki Warren says

    I can’t believe how far you Girls on the Grid have come! You really look great and are an amazing testimony to Kaia! Here’s to having the best of both worlds! Keep it up:))

  3. Casie Neitling says

    You girls have really rocked boot camp. It has been a blast and I KNOW that the six weeks off of the donuts & wine (which go great together by the way) have really paid “off” 🙂 We are so lucky to have worked out with you at Kaia and hope that after a long weekend of fun, food, & cocktails that you’ll be back in and ready to get back on those plyo boxes!

    You guys are the best!

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