Vote: 2011 SMEB Nominees

First of all – thank you! You have nominated some really great guys on the grid! Voting starts today and will end Tuesday, February 8. One vote per person. Top 10 bachelors will be named on Wednesday, February 9 with the 2011 Most Eligible Bachelor named at a party on February 16. We are partnering again with WEAVE this year. Stay tuned for party details!

To cast a vote for your fave guy on the grid, please go to:

Here’s the bachelors!!

Faisal Aziz, 33, Contract Analyst

Faisal is a smart, hard working, fun loving guy. His outlook on life is refreshing and he deserves someone who can work hard, play hard and enjoy the simple things in life.


Robby Biegler, 30, Public Pension & Insurance Analyst, State Treasurer’s Office

I am nominating Robby because he’s a great guy.  He is a comedy writer and has written for movies, such as Will Ferrell movies.  He is a runner and loves to read and his major was English.  He is very funny, kinda cute and a little shy when it comes to dating.


Brad Cecchi (28), Chef de Cuisine at Grange Restaurant

This guy is awesome! Passionate about food, wine and beer… but not pretentious! Isn’t that something? Brad is always fun to be around, up for anything, and seriously one of the best people I know. Limited time offer, while supplies last.


Daniel Del Rio (31), Attorney

Dan is a successful attorney and owns his own home.  He is a very loving and giving man and treats all women like queens.  I believe he is the ideal candidate for Most Eligible Bachelor of Sacramento. Dan is outgoing, loves adventure and enjoys life.   He is also an animal lover.


Eric Dietz (29), Legislative Director for Assemblymember Allan Mansoor

While most men are content to just muddle through life, occasionally veering off the well-beaten path of “mediocre education, loveless marriage, ungrateful kids, depressing retirement, death,” Eric James Dietz lives life to its fullest. Not satisfied with just blazing a trail through California’s harsh political climate, he has to constantly challenge himself to bigger and better things. Disarming would-be thieves, attempting to harness the energy of 100% clean and renewal biofuels, fighting grizzly bears, painting the perfect sunset, discovering a truly delicious low-calorie beer, mastering flamenco — he will not be sated. Ladies, he also *loves* babies. Just adores them.


Steve Eliason, 43, Interior Designer, House Crashers

He has never been married and is a great guy. He would be the perfect guy for a lucky girl! He is an avid Seahawk fan. Owns his own home and a very hard worker.  He is a kid at heart and has a great sense of humor. He is great with kids.


Cary Farley (38), Teacher, Luther Burbank High School

Cary is a high school teacher at Luther Burbank, teaching heath education.  He is 38 years old and lives in a beautiful house in downtown Sacramento.  Here’s the kicker:  he is a wonderful musician; he just came out with his third CD.  His first concert was in January and the money from the silent auction went to the Mustard Seed School through Loaves and Fishes.  The concert was sold out! Cary plays piano and guitar. He is also coming out with a cookbook this year! Yes, he’s a cook.  He’s a wilderness man; plays racquetball twice a week and is gorgeous, sexy, smart and kind.


Ed Fletcher (35), Reporter

Sacramento ladies would be lucky to spend an evening with Mr. Fletcher. This gentleman is fun, witty and smart. He’s got an adventurous spirit with lots of hobbies and interests; from philanthropic clubs and amateur photography to cooking and cocktails, this local bachelor has a great time wherever he goes. Plus, he’s a homeowner and wears stylish hats. What a package!


Eric Frazer (33), Insurance Broker

Eric is a great guy who is successful, sweet and fun.  He enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, working out and more, and deserves a nice girl who shares his values, spirit and fun.


Samuel Guzman (28), Project Manager / Co-Owner for Guzman Electric

Sam’s a good guy and is new to midtown. He’s an athletic man with a love for the outdoors. Always down to party but also enjoys staying in with a good movie and a great girl. Shy at first but energetic and full of energy once you get to know him.


Jimmy Jensen (27), High School Teacher

Jimmy’s very smart, funny, and the most caring person I’ve ever met- truly one of the last remaining nice guys. He’s 27, graduated from UCLA with a degree in American Literature and Culture and has a passion for world traveling and music. He’s also very passionate about his job- He’s a high school English teacher in South Sacramento. I’m submitting him because he deserves to find a girl on the grid who appreciates him for who he is. Any girl would be lucky to find a guy like this.


Nate Jones (23), Groove Crew Member, Sacramento River Cats; Ticket Sales Executive, Sacramento Mountain Lions

When Nate is not busting a move on the diamond at Raley Field, he can be spotted on the grid at one of his favorite local watering holes.  Nate enjoys supporting his alma matter, Indiana University, hitting the links, and playing beach volleyball.  Nate’s got rhythm, style, and a great sense of humor.


Landon Lee (23), Creative Services Producer, News10

Landon is a great guy. He always has a smile on his face and a joke to brighten everyone’s day. In addition to having amazing skills at his job, Landon is also putting himself through school to receive his bachelor’s degree at CSU Sacramento. On the side, Landon builds computer programs, has developed skills in photography, and has created award winning music. Landon is the Hot Nerd that will end up creating something monster (think Facebook) and end up with his own successful company sometime in the near future. Landon is overall the nicest, most creative and caring person I’ve met. He is an amazing candidate for Sacramento’s Most Eligible Guy.


Stephen Leopold (29), V.P. Group Ticket Sales, Sacramento Kings

 Stephen is someone that you would want by your side as you move through life. He lives with the highest integrity and is very true to his values. He has an exceptionally kind heart. He is always up for tailgating, trivia night, wine bar and really engaging with life through new experiences. Plus, he has a clean apartment, nice!======================================================================================

Chris McLeod (29), Mutual Fund Accountant for an Investment Bank

He is a charismatic and genuinely great person. His engaging personality is infectious and there isn’t one person I have met that doesn’t enjoy his company. Chris is always willing to help any friend at a moment’s notice, and quick to lend a shoulder to lean on. He is Sacramento’s nicest and most eligible bachelor.


Christian Osmena (23), Most recently Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Christian is smart, witty, and the perfect mix of spontaneity and reliability.


Tony Poston (26), Associate at B Street Theatre

I’m nominating Tony because he’s a guy’s guy and a total sweetheart at the same time. He’s the rare man who is just as comfortable on a football field as he is on a dance floor. He’s smart, funny, and creative — in fact, he’s a talented actor and director.  Most importantly, he’s a nice Midwestern boy with a heart of gold. Any girl would be lucky to have him by her side!


Carlos Quant (26), Associate Finance Budget Analyst at the California Department of Finance

Carlos is trustworthy, reliable, honest and very bright. He enjoys spending time with his family and his close friends, is not much of a drinker or partier, and is very driven to accomplishing his goals. I know that he would treat any girl who appreciate his great qualities incredibly well.


Larry Salinas, Associate Director, Institution Relations/Advocacy for the University of California

Larry works in UC’s State Governmental Relations office. He recently began this job in October and previously was Assistant Vice Chancellor of Governmental Relations at the UC Merced campus. Larry is a consummate gentleman, gracious to everyone he meets, thoughtful (even sends hand-written thank you notes, which is almost a lost art), always polished in appearance, has a million dollar smile in addition to being quite handsome, known by just about everyone on the Capitol – members and staff – appreciates and thanks people for even the littlest of things that are done for him professionally, and he is even a great photographer.  He’s a gem and a great asset to the Sacramento area.


Zach Scalzo (24), Law Student at McGeorge School of Law

Zach has the biggest heart out of any guy I know. He is not only a great friend, he is also incredibly intelligent, funny and personable. He loves romantic comedies and wants nothing more than a great girl to cuddle up with on a Friday night. He’s new to the area (he did his undergraduate in SF, and his family has a house in Napa).


Ryan Schnabel (36), Medical Device Sales

As cliché as it sounds Ryan is just an overall great guy.  Ryan owns a home in Sacramento where he shares it with the two current loves of his life.  His dog and cat (try not to hold the whole “cat guy” thing against him. I think he inherited it from an ex).  Ryan is the eternal athlete.  He played baseball competitively his whole life and still does to this day.  Not only is he athletic but he is extremely dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.  Ryan loves the outdoors and remains extremely active.  My most favorite quality about Ryan is that he is an amazing friend.  He has a big heart and cares deeply about his family and friends.  Most importantly (in my book) he has a great personality and the uncanny ability to laugh at himself.  He’s confident, but not cocky.  Super hot, but doesn’t know it (well maybe a little).  Most definitely Sacramento’s most eligible bachelor.


Chris Sheehy (30)

Chris is THE catch.  He’s handsome, kind, hilarious, intelligent, works hard, trains hard, and gives back.  He is currently training for the AR50 (American River 50 miles endurance run) and working to raise money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  His next race will be the Western States 100.  Even though he trains often, he still finds time to hang out with his sister and visit his nieces and nephews…  He never forgets a birthday, he’s always there to lend a hand or offer some advice.  He is a loyal friend and all around awesome person.  He is not looking for a woman to take care of him but someone to share life with and be a partner to.  He’s not the kind of guy looking for a maid or a mother, he even knows how to do his own laundry!  He is my best friend and there is nobody better.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Alexander Sigua (26), Public Relations Manager for the Sacramento Kings

Alexander Sigua, for Girls on the Grid 2011 Most Eligible Bachelor. He is a total catch. He is smart, witty and undeniably funny but most importantly he has the biggest heart. He always puts the people he loves before himself. When I was 13 the only thing I wanted most in the world was to go to an N’Sync concert. Seeing as how I was only 13 and could not drive myself my brother, who was 17 at the time, drove me to Arco Arena and sat with me and my best friend during the entire concert. That was the last place he wanted to be but he was there because that’s the kind of guy he is, completely selfless. Behind his charm and good looks he is a great guy and he is the best candidate that I could ever imagine for Girls on the Grid’s Most Eligible Bachelor!


Darren Spicer (24), Solar Legacy Account Manager, Paramount Energy Solutions


Darren Spicer is a resident of midtown, but he was born and raised in Oregon. Darren has mixed his small town upbringing in conjunction with the more urban lifestyle of Sacramento. Darren’s been up and down the west coast and loves to spend time outdoors. He is sweet and easy-going, but he’s also a professional with a great career and is totally passionate about his job.  He loves his family and has a great relationship with his mom. (It’s important!) While continually trying to learn more improve his abilities, Darren is increasing his knowledge in his career field and any young lady would be lucky to catch him at this time! Finding a decent single man in Sacramento wouldn’t be hard if more guys were like Darren.

My friend Darren is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  Not only is he kind, he is understanding and a loyal friend.  Every time I see Darren he is laughing and having fun.  He is such an easy guy to get along with.  He is also easy to talk to.  He has a great family relationship and a great job.  I think any girl would be lucky to date Darren.  In fact I wish there were more guys like Darren in this world.


 Gary Stock (37), Nurse Anesthetist

 The reason I’m nominating him is because he is Awe-some!  He’s the kind of guy that is truly looking for that right girl, loves kids, and can’t wait to have a family.  He’s a wonderful friend to people and is very generous.  He has a great job and is super smart.  He’s laid back…not one of those high-maintenance, pretty boys…and loves photography, traveling, and going hiking, backpacking, and skiing.  Most weekends in the summer you can find him BBQing out front of his house, hanging with the neighbors & having a few beers.  He also bought a house about two years ago that he’s restoring, which is pretty darn cool.  To top it all off, he’s hilarious.  He’s truly a wonderful, kind, and caring person who is a catch.



Pete Viesca, 68, Retired

Pete lives in Modesto and is good man.


Peter Wright (26), Director at News10

Peter is one of those rare men who doesn’t play games when it comes to relationships.  He’s smart, witty, fun to be around and loves cycling and working out. Peter’s also your guy if you love romantic dinners and checking out the latest restaurants because he’s a hardcore foodie. He loves to cook, but has also been known to drive to San Francisco to try out a gourmet menu or across the city to check out a new wing or sushi place.   In fact, Peter and his dad recently did a road trip across America staking out various baseball stadiums and comparing the food fare in each venue.  It was the ultimate “Diners and Dives” experience. A romantic at heart and a Christian, Peter is one of the good guys who is honestly looking for someone special.

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  1. Jamie Romas says

    Great field! (Where have these guys been hiding, btw?)

  2. tyler says

    I’m not gonna lie… I’m a man. I scrolled through this list to learn about what women are after. I HAVE TAKEN NOTES. MUAHAHAHAH !

  3. boricua says

    Any cute guys for us guys?

  4. Name says

    Why am I not on the list? lol 🙂

  5. Ashlee says


  6. Fairlady68 says

    What’s the scoop on Mr. Salinas? No age, no pic…sounds great though. Inquiring minds (over 50) would like to know.

  7. Krista says

    Stephen Leopold is looking like a winner! 🙂

  8. Charlene Orlando says

    Darren Spicer is clearly the best looking and most eligible bachelor on here!

  9. Madeline Bayard says

    STOCK IS HOT! Smart,caring,optimistic,fun loving and funny. He is the real deal…I should know I date his big brother and they are terrific men!!!

  10. Angelina Brittain says

    Brad is super hot! And he can cook! He has my vote!

  11. Trevina Turlawney says

    Oh Yeah! Brad all the way!

  12. Cammie says

    Alex Sigua! Alex Sigua! Alex Sigua!

  13. Kate says

    Alex is so hot right now.

  14. Megan B says

    you all should know that Eric Dietz has this in the bag. I mean come on…politico holding a baby? genius.

  15. Inquiring Bachelorette says

    Does Mr. Sheehy have a job other than ultra running?

  16. Yvette says

    Gary Stock is awesome!!! I work with him,and he is definitely a great guy!

  17. Amanda says

    VOTE FOR NATE!!!! He’s the hottest one, lets be honest.

  18. Chantel Elder says

    I am part of the Brad following a man that can cook! Yum!

  19. Nicole says

    Chris Sheehy really is the best catch here. And, yes, he has a great job working for Siemens Industry….

  20. StrudelGirl1980 says

    Vote for Lawrence Salinas…it’s true he’s a gentleman but he looks like he has wonderful kiss lips

  21. Amelia says

    Cute!!! Nice work Sacramento!

  22. Inquiring Bachelorette says

    Thanks, Nicole, Chris wins my vote with that info! Although… if Ryan would get rid of the cat…., and then there is Gary… hmmm.. so many bachelors, so little time!

  23. jamie says

    eric dietz & darren spicer sound like the top two for me personally lol 🙂 wish i lived in sac! 🙁

  24. Patrick "2010 SMEB" Harbison says

    So, does this mean I have to give Jamie her tiera back?

  25. jamie says

    Patrick- That won’t be necessary…(god knows where that tiara’s been). But I do expect you to be on hand to crown the winner!

  26. JR Jensen says

    Gary Stock! All the way!

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