Bootcamp Diaries: Half Way Point

This week is the half way point through our six week commitment to a healthier diet and bootcamp. Here’s the recap:

Chantel Elder

Kaia Fit  – 3 week update

This week officially made all my hard work worth it!  On “weigh in day” I was frightened a little.  What if nothing changed?  What if my super new shoes and getting up early and missing out on fabulous drinking occasions didn’t make a dent in changing my body.

Luckily it did!  Below are my numbers and I am so super stoked to post that my waist is 5 yes 5 inches smaller then 3 weeks ago. YES!  (Assume the “soccer mom” pump kick here)  While my bootie/hips didn’t change much I now know where to put in the effort.

I am finding that my habits are changing.  I am now, dare I say a “morning person” (without grumbling so much) and I actually eat more and more regularly then I did pre-Kaia F.I.T.  The diet has become a whole lot easier now that I meal plan.  I am hooked and results made all the difference!  I am actually looking forward to the final weigh in and ya know being the designated driver for the last few weeks hasn’t been all that bad.

Because a blog isn’t all that fun without pictures here are my fabulous new kicks that I picked up at Fleet Feet.  I love them so much that I found a few minutes to snap a photo of them in all their glory (see above).  Thanks for following!

Beginning Half Way Point
Weight: 136.6 132.6
Body Fat % 30.5 25.3
Thighs around 24 inches 23.25 inches
Hips 38 38
Waist 33.5 28.5

P.S. I am still wearing the worst dressed tiara at the work outs but I have started eying Becky and Julie’s adorable work out gear so there is hope for me yet.

Julie Soderlund

Half way there!

Well we are half way there and the results are really starting to show, which is great because I personally am more motivated for the next three weeks as a result.

At Kaia F.I.T there are three measures of progress, one in the first week, at the end of the third week and at the finish of the entire six weeks.

Monday was D-Day for this mid-boot camp check-in and it was better than I thought it would be!

In less than a month I am back at my ³fighting weight.² Really all that means is that I am back at the weight goal I set for myself when I lost more than 40 pounds on Weight Watchers a few years ago. As a Weight Watchers vet the number on the scale is an important psychologically in this process since the focus in their program really is hitting a certain number (you even get stickers for every five pounds you lose, which while lame is strangely motivatingŠbut I digress.) At Kaia F.I.T., however they measure progress not in stickers, but in many other ways. Of course these is the scale, but they also measure your progress in body fat percentage, through measurements of your thighs, hips, waist and chest and through physical fitness tests. So in addition to seeing the number on the scale shrink, my body fat percentage is down by 4%, I¹ve lost 5 inches in my thighs, improved my strength and fitness and most importantly, feel really good.

So in a fit of feeling good and looking better I did something I thought at the start of this I never would do: I signed up for more! Don¹t worry, after the 6-week boot camp the strict diet restrictions are lifted (which means I will again be lifting my wine glass starting February 12). But the workouts continue three days a week, which will be a nice addition to my running and yoga routine and a little less intense than this boot camp phase.

Not to sound like a shill (because I only do that in my professional life, not on GOTG), but if you are looking to change up and intensify your work out routine Kaia might be something to try. The next session is only 5 weeks and it¹s sans the crazy diet, so it¹s a nice way to ease yourself into this whole thing. Here are the deets:

Winter Warm-Up Fit Session

Begins February 14th! 5 weeks $129 or 10 weeks $198

Class 1: 6am Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Class 2: 9am Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Class 3: 6pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Kaia F.I.T. Sacramento, 211 Lathrop Way, Suite I, Sacramento, CA 95819

Call or Email (877) 511-KAIA & or

Becky Warren

Okay well, we did make it to the final stretch and the diet is getting a little more manageable. But I have cheated and not followed the diet as religiously as my compadres – Julie and Chantel. But for the most part I have stayed on track but was it enough to make a difference??

I felt like something has happened over the past three weeks. My clothes are fitting better and a little looser. So I  was hopeful when I was measured this week. The result – progress was made, inches were lost — which is great news. The downside – I only lost 2 pounds!! After the intense workouts and changing of diet, only 2 pounds were lost in about two weeks (I wasn’t measured the first week due to travel).

While that is still good – I just have to live with the reality that I’m not one of those girls who can drop weight fast. Its a painful process that takes dedication and continued commitment. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m very happy I’m doing this and have actually signed up for the next session. I’m glad inches of fat have disappeared but still …. only 2 pounds!

So my goal for the next three weeks is to follow the diet more religiously maybe my results will be even better. On to week 4!!

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  1. Dalia says

    Awesome job you guys! Julie, didn’t know you are a WW vet–me too! But obviously you managed to keep it off. You all look great! 🙂

  2. Robin Swanson says

    Congrats ladies!

  3. Caroline Silveira says

    Great results girls! But – ugh – DIET is so everything! The working out is about being fit and being firm/toned, but darned that fat on top! That fat on top is only coming off through diet. I know – Becky, it’s my downfall too. And my 36-year old self just can’t stop eating and drinking like my 28-year old self. But, clearly, great results here. So interesting in that I actually know you all and know you’re being completely honest!

  4. Amelia says

    You guys are so awesome!! I’m so proud of you and definitely know how much of a challenge the boot camp, diet and no wine has been in the midst of your crazy work schedules!

  5. Jamie says

    You guys ARE awesome!! as you can tell, I never got back on the wagon. But that’s a blog post for another day… Keep up the good work!

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