Bootcamp Diaries: Adopting a New Lifestyle

By the Editors

This is our continuing series of a few of our GOTG bloggers who committed to a six week bootcamp and nutrition plan through Kaia Fit. Here are this week’s diaries:

Julie Soderlund

This week after it was brought to my attention that I was complaining too much, I have been trying to really focus on the positive and on what I am learning rather on the foods I can’t have/what I am depriving myself of through this process.
As a result, I have focused in several concepts this week and really honed in on the practice of rest.  In the context of boot camp rest is pretty simple: get enough sleep every night and take a day off working out to give your body some time to rebuild after you’ve been breaking it down in the gym all week. In the style of yoga I practice rest and work are integrated into every class – it is foundational to the practice itself. But, I realized this week that these are pretty much the only times I am good at rest and in fact I am pretty terrible at integrating rest into other areas of my life.
I am your typical Type A, driven person – I work hard, play hard and leave myself with just about zero down time to marinate in my thoughts, make decisions or just be without doing. Oddly boot camp (yet another activity to fill my day with) is creating some built in boundaries (no more happy hours!) that are giving me space to rest. But between the workouts, diet changes and encouragement to spend just a few minutes of downtime a day for the first time in a long time I am actually taking moments to rest both my mind and my body. It is a strange and somewhat uncomfortable feeling, but it is also helping me process through some decisions I am making and reconsider some elements of my life – in a good way.  
Tip for the Week: Get some rest and see what comes along with it.  
Tip 2: EAT BREAKFAST! It is how I am surviving the diet.

Fave Recipe
3 egg whites
1 strip of turkey bacon (chopped)
½ bell pepper  (chopped)
1 tsp. red onion (diced)
½ zucchini (chopped)
2 mushrooms (chopped)
¼ c. black beans (drained)
2 c. spinach
2 TBSP avocado (cubed)
Heat a skillet on medium heat with a small amount of olive oil in the bottom. Cook the bacon. Add in the bell pepper, onion, zucchini, mushrooms and beans and cook through. Add the spinach and cook until wilted. Add the egg whites. Once everything is fully cooked, remove from pan and top with avocado and salsa.

Chantel Elder

Week two is done and I have a few updates/confessions/tips for all you girls out there following our progress.  


I had one piece of Round Table veggie pizza the other night (Friday), which is forbidden, and THEN on Sunday while I was shopping with my lady friends I magically found myself purchasing a truffle at the Godiva Chocolate store in Arden.  One minute I was looking at make-up the next chocolate.  I have no idea how it happened but since it did, I thought you all should know.  For the record it was VEGGIE pizza and a DARK chocolate.  Things could have been worse but cheating is cheating and now you all know. 


Watch out for over-rewarding yourself – I thought that I would save a bundle of money by not purchasing wine on a nightly basis.  That is proving to be untrue.  Because of all my hard work and effort, and because social situations often involve delectable treats and wine… I have been shopping more.  Being healthy is proving to be EXPENSIVE.  In the last week I bought myself: new running shoes, inserts for said running shoes, fancy socks for my feet to “breathe” and an entire new skin care line at Origins.  I think wine would have been cheaper.

  • Try not to be the worst dresser at Boot camp – Because I AM!  I roll out of bed and throw on different pajama pants that I try to pass off as Yoga pants, and a t-shirt that I wore while painting a year ago.  I am the Helena Bonham Carter of the Boot Camp 2011 Golden Globes.  So it looks like I will need to reward myself soon with a workout outfit meant for a diva…
  • Wear multiple rubber bands in your hair just in case– Today mine broke half way through the work out and I looked like a sweaty lion. It was really convenient and super attractive.
  • Make sure you have good shoes! – I just got some fancy new kicks from Fleet Feet and Holy Cow my knees and feet love me.  I thought all those runners out there were trying to sell me on some expensive shoes, but nope; they really do have my best interest at heart! 
  • Mix it up –Which leads me to my recipe for the week.  I feel like I ate this for THE ENTIRE WEEK, (with the exception of that pizza and chocolate) so it looks like I need to learn from the other ladies and get adventurous with my food combos.

 Fave Recipe

  1. Baked Chicken with tons of cracked pepper, lemon juice, whatever seasoning sounds good (rosemary etc.) baked at 350 degrees
  2. Steamed or roasted veggies (Broccoli/Brussel sprouts)

 Stay tuned for next weeks update!

Becky Warren

I have began to see a turning point this week. While I’ve been tired and impatient since I began this new workout and diet (just ask my co-workers), one morning this week I woke up with renewed energy and actually feel lighter and better. I think I finally detoxed from refined sugar and processed foods and now I’m starting to feel really good. Yes, I still have cravings but now I can manage them for the most part.

One thing I have learned through this experience is that eating 100 percent healthy requires planning and organization. I have seen myself become more organized and thinking through my time each day. In an odd way, it has actually given me more time as I have been forced to think through my meals and exercise each day.

As for the workouts – they are tough. The full hour you are moving. It is highly organized and I always feel like I had a great workout. For three days of the week, the workouts are filled with high energy drills of push ups, crunches, squats, and jumps. Each work out pushes me to my limit and then stretches me a little more. Then we have a yoga class one day a week and Saturdays we run. I love these two days – it is a great variety and way to use your muscles in a different way.

So with the consistent workout schedule and the new meal plan, I feel like I’m starting to adopt this new lifestyle. However it is still tough when you go out to dinner or out of town. 

CONFESSION: And I do have one confession –  I still did cheat… again… with a glass of wine after skiing this weekend. After an afternoon on the slopes and delicious dinner, it was difficult to resist. But to be honest, I had already planned on cheating in Tahoe.  The wine is a part of the full experience. 

TIP OF THE WEEK: Planning. To adopt a healthy lifestyle, you need to both set aside a regular time for exercise and  time to think about your meals for the week. This is the best way to stick with it.

Fave Recipe: Chicken & Veggies Organic Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

Organic whole wheat pita

Rotisserie chicken

Tomato sauce (or tomatoes) (no sugar added)




Sprinkle (1/8c) of goat cheese crumbles (optional)

Spread one small spoonful of tomato sauce on the pita.

Slice zucchini and mushrooms and place on pita.

Shred chicken and place on pita.

Shred spinach leaves and place on pita.

Place in oven at 400 for 5-7 minutes (until pita is crispy).

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  1. dalia says

    Loved reading this you guys–entertaining and educational! 🙂

  2. ashley robinson says

    Best line ever: “… I looked like a sweaty lion. It was really convenient and super attractive.” LOL! Oh, I have been there too many times. “If I rip the hem of my t-shirt sleeve and tie my hair up will that work?” Kinda not. Keep up the good work ladies!

  3. Kerry Bacon Lifestyle Solutions says

    Thanks for sharing ladies. I love Becky’s comment that healthy eating takes planning and organization. It does get easier because instead of reaching for all of the processed, sugary junk food, you just need to hit the fresh produce,meats and dairy products. You will build up different staples and as long as you have fresh produce you are set for great, tasty meals. Junk food begins to taste terrible when you get used to real food. Check out my blog for ideas on dealing with your eating habits and emotional eating You go girls! Kerry

  4. Caroline Silveira says

    It is so good to hear real stories from real people with busy lives! I do a bootcamp workout too – 2 to 3 times a week with Forest Vance. His workouts are ALWAYS different, which works out my body differently and keeps it interesting. I haven’t motivated enough on the eating healthy and cutting calories part, but I feel more fit and don’t ever dread the workouts. I used to dread the gym – treadmills, elipticals, stairclimbers, ugh! Check him out

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