Bootcamp Diaries: “Jamie Lee Curtis” Style

Chantel Elder

I am one of the four to give it my all with Kaia FIT bootcamp for six weeks. While my body is still craving hamburgers smothered in bacon and bleu cheese, I have remained loyal to the nutrition program so far. It has been hard, but my motivation to turn down my beloved glass/bottle of nightly wine and all my delicious vices is mostly just to see if I can do it.

Jamie Lee Curtis, MORE's September 2002 issue

Having rockin’ abs, toned arms and losing a little in the thigh/butt area is motivation too — of course! I was inspired to share my results with all you Grid Girls out there in a most humble fashion when I recalled an article Jamie Lee Curtis did with More Magazine a few years ago. If she could strip down and bare it all at 49, I figured I could at 29 in an attempt to provide some sort of visual proof of the results of the six-week boot camp.

I am an average woman with the typical problem areas, some of which, I am sure, are in my head and some areas that could genuinely use some work. I love wine, carbs, anything sugary and consider myself a yo-yo dieter.

By posting these “before” photos I am hoping it will motivate me to work hard and remain honest with the diet. Also, don’t be shy about leaving some shout outs as you follow us on the blog, trust me, the four of us could totally use encouraging words to get through this.

Chantel Elder, 2011
Chantel Elder, 2011

Below are my stats, so lets see how different they are in six weeks! And let’s hope some ex-boyfriend out there isn’t laughing and hatin’ on me in my skivvies!

Before Stats:
Weight: 136.6 lbs
Body Fat: 30.5%
Thighs: Around 24 Down 30.5
Hips: Around 38 Down 35
Waist Belly Button: 33.5
Chest: 33.75



Julie Soderlund

One week down and honestly it has not been as bad as I thought it would be – even without wine. I will start with the workouts at Kaia because that is my favorite part. They are challenging, no two have been the same and it is fun to do them with a group of women who are suffering just as much as you are.  I was pretty sore once Saturday rolled around and it actually feels really good to push my body to the next level, which is not something I would do on my own.
As for the diet, well, let’s just say that is a lot more challenging for me than the workouts! While the eating plan is definitely doable and I didn’t cheat this week, I was VERY tempted on Friday night when all I wanted was a glass of red wine to finish out the week. I even went so far as to order a glass with dinner, but my guilt kicked in as soon as it was delivered to the table and I made my husband drink it instead.
It was also brought to my attention that I was taking every opportunity to complain about this whole thing – in fact, my husband brought it to my attention when he told me I needed to find a higher purpose for doing this so that I would stop whining! The funny thing is that it really isn’t so bad, so this week my goal is to cut out the complaining and focus on the positive – like the fact that I have already lost some weight and feel really good. So here we go, one down, five to go…wonder if that glass of wine will be even more tempting to me next Friday!

Jamie Romas

When I started Kaia’s 6-week BRIK program, I was a little nervous about the 5-times-weekly workouts. Ok, I was really nervous. From what I could tell, Kaia workouts were intense. As for me, I hadn’t so much as stepped foot in a gym since before Thanksgiving (thank you, holiday season). 

 Imagine my surprise to discover the workouts are the easy part. Not that they’re easy, by any means – I’m experiencing soreness in muscles I never knew existed – but at least they’re finite. You go in, you get your butt kicked for an hour, and you’re done. The nutritional program, on the other hand, requires round-the-clock discipline.

 I’d list the things we weren’t allowed to eat during the first week, but I have a space limit to abide by. Instead, I’ll list the things we were allowed: fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lean protein. Now, for a self-professed sugar addict who never met a cupcake she didn’t like, this was quite a challenge. Still, I managed to stick with the program for the first five days. And then the weekend rolled around…

 Let’s just say that when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard. I won’t go into specifics, but there may have been a regrettable incident involving a pineapple-upside down cake (on the bright side, at least pineapple’s a fruit). Luckily, this is a six-week program, so I have five more weeks to get back on that wagon – and stay on it.

Now, excuse me while I go peel a grapefruit and pretend it’s a Twinkie.

Becky Warren

Unlike Chantel, I will not be getting down to my skivvies, but I do greatly admire her courage. 🙂 This week has been very challenging for me. I traveled three days this week including a trip to the East Coast. Needless to say, the long hours on a plane, left me to indulge in my favorite protein bars which are considered off-limits on this diet and I cheated with one glass of red wine on Thursday. Basically my first four days were a struggle!  

On Friday, when I was back in town, I got back into the program and haven’t cheated since.  I do miss carbs, wine, and my coveted protein bars (I love chocolate almond raisins Zone bars). As for the workouts, they have been great and very challenging. Its the motivation I need to drag myself out of bed at 5:30a.m.  I am sore and a little grumpy but am still looking forward to week 2 and to losing more weight and fat!

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  1. Dalia says

    It’s fun to read everybody’s reflections, since we don’t get much time to share and compare during the workouts–too busy grunting and sweating! Onward and upward!

  2. Casie Neitling says

    Way to go Kaia girls! Chantel, you look hot even in your before pics 🙂 I’m happy you girls are staying positive & rocking week 2!

  3. Chantel Elder says

    Dalia those tasty treats were delish! You should post the recipe here in the comment section for other readers to try as a snack!

  4. amp says

    Chantel, you are such a fearless rockstar! Way to go!! We will prepare an “on plan” dinner one of these days so you can come over and continue to inspire and impress us. Motivation is best shared, right?

  5. Ashley Drummond says

    Way to go ladies! Thanks for sharing your experience with us; I can’t wait for the week 2 update : )

  6. JJ hartung says

    Heyy we are doing Kaia here in San Diego as well and it’s tough!! Feel your pain with the diet!

  7. Nikki Warren says

    Super fun and exciting! As women we work so hard to get fit, it’s great to have someone to commiserate with. I’m looking forward to following you girls through your six weeks of creating your New Year New You! Thanks for putting your self out there!! Love Nikki

  8. Cynthia Hery says

    It’s definitely a challenge keeping up with these girls who have will power that won’t quit. But I’ve always thought that we can do most anything we want to do – ya just have to want to. None of us are unlike everyone else meaning we all feel the pain and the effort it takes is definitely challenging especially for those of us over 50. Ouch – Im questioning myself on creating my “new you” – I’m thinking I’ll be happy with a remodeled me who is a little more fit and a whole bunch more heathy with a dash of pride when i make it through the brik. Love you guys

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