I Heart College Football

By Lisa Page

 Full disclosure: I went to the University of Oregon so this post is biased.

 This week, thousands of Oregon Duck and Auburn Tiger fans are making the trek to the Arizona desert.

 There’s only four days and counting until the Ducks play the Auburn Tigers in the college football national championships. This game marks the Ducks’ chance for redemption after a devastating loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl last year. I can attest to how heartbreaking last year’s loss was…I was there.

 For the Ducks, the road to the national championship game began early in the season when everyone realized that Oregon had a fast paced and unstoppable offense. There were a few close games, but somehow it just seemed liked destiny for the Ducks to keep knocking off team after team and to keep moving up in the polls week after week.

 For those of you who love college football, going to root on your alma mater in a national championship game, or any game for that matter, is a chance to relive the glory days of college. It’s no longer just a sport but a nostalgic experience. For me, I even met my husband at an Oregon football game, so there’s some romance too.

 College football is an excuse to tailgate, consuming vast amounts of beer and food. And of course, there’s wearing your team’s colors, and if you are really spirited, painting your face with said colors. And there’s watching the game with your best buddies. I might be a bit more sober now when I watch Oregon play than when I was in college, but my love for the experience hasn’t changed.

Lisa with hubby Matt at the Rose Bowl

If you think you couldn’t care less about college football, you should talk to some of my Sacramento friends who went to UC Davis and Sac State but have caravanned with me to see Oregon play at Cal and Stanford and are now hooked. It’s probably too late to get tickets to the national championship game – unless you want to drop 1,000 bucks – but you can go to a couple of places in Sacramento to watch the national championships with other fans. I guarantee you’ll be moved by the heart and dedication you’ll see some of these athletes put into the game.

 Where local Duck fans can watch on Monday, Jan. 10. Kick-off at 5:30pm:

 MVPs at 21st and L – The regular spot where you can always find Duck fans taking over the second floor on game day (there were more than 100 fans there to watch the Civil War game against Oregon State).

Clubhouse 56 at 56th and H St. – This spot is hosting an exclusive watch party with a 156-inch projection screen, drink specials and food.

 I asked an Auburn fan  if they’d heard of any watch parties in the Sacramento area, but he hadn’t. If you’re an Auburn fan, let GOTG know where you’ll be watching the game!

  Go Ducks!

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