New Year, New Workout for GOTGers & Sacramento

By Julie Soderlund

I love food and wine. I love to go out with my friends and my husband. I also love to workout to offset these calorically-driven activities. And, as a result, I understand that I will just have to live with a little extra to love around the thigh area despite my efforts through yoga and running. It is my own version of living a balanced life and frankly, I love it and it works for me.

But something has come along this January that will most definitely throw all of that off and it’s called Kaia FIT.

Here’s the story: The folks over at Kaia FIT reached out to us over here at GOTG and asked if a few of us would be willing to try them out for just six weeks and share our experience with our readers. Kaia FIT (Functional Intense Training for Woman) is new to the Sacramento area and is specifically for women. It’s essentially a bootcamp plus running plus pilates/yoga plus nutrition.

So I immediately put my virtual hand in the air and said I would do it…without reading the fine print (never advisable). This program include working out 5 days a week, which I am totally fine with and it involves a diet which is, under my aforementioned definition of living a “balanced life,” borderline INSANE. I am cool with calorie control. I am cool with eating more green leafy things. I am even good with limited dessert. But NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL, NO PROCESSED YUMMY FOOD FOR SIX WEEKS is enough to make me lose my cool! Did I mention NO WINE FOR SIX WEEKS!

But, alas I committed myself, and if I were being honest a little kick-start to unload the campaign (long hours, happy hours, lots of stress) and holiday weight (Freeport Bakery, Swedish meatballs, overall gluttony) wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  As I consider this challenge it also occurs to me that the very fact I am so fearful and annoyed at having to give up these creature comforts underscores the reason it’s all the more important to do it, despite the challenging rules. There are some things I do need to eliminate, moderate and transform, not all of them related to diet and exercise. Maybe, just maybe, changing up the routine and allowing myself to be uncomfortable is a path toward making those changes really happen. But I gotta say it’s going to a tough road for this epicurean.

So today it’s off to Kaia FIT and onto the eating plan for me and for fellow GOTGers Becky, Chantel and Jamie. Over the next six weeks the three of us will be providing regular grist for the mill based on our four experiences at Kaia FIT right here at GOTG. We promise to be upfront and transparent about our journey, a hopefully we’ll do it with good humor.  

Here’s to 2011, green leafy things, working out and substituting fresh grapes for their fermented version…for a limited time only!

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  1. Chantel Elder says

    We can do it!! It is going to be hard though, I think I developed asthma today in the first 15 minutes. Sounds like we share the same balanced life 🙂

  2. Casie Neitling says

    Hilarious! Going on day three of our New Year New You nutritional plan!! How are you guys feeling!? Hope you’re still going strong and ready for our awesome workout tomorrow!

  3. Rachel Steele says

    Love your blog and LOVE Kaia F.I.T. I will be following your next six weeks FOR SURE! Good luck.

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