Found: One Funny New Thing

By Danea Horn, CPC

Get up, let the dogs out, work, eat lunch, work, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, eat dinner and watch TV (preferably something utterly detrimental to my consciousness). My rut was fully solidified. I would have fits-and-starts of newness: new workout tape, new breakfast cereal, but the pattern was essentially unchanged. My comfort zone was nice and cozy, complete with an indent on my side of the couch.

Sameness is great. It is easy, you do not even need to be fully awake to move through a well-ingrained routine. However, somehow something always seems to be missing. Then one day you notice that life is moving forward while you sit on the sidelines, in your indent, on your side of the couch.

I found myself wanting more. Wanting to engage with life in a way that was authentic, exciting, adventurous and fully outside of the rut. It was out of that yearning that my plan was hatched. A simple concept, anyone can partake: try one new thing each week.

This experiment has landed me in a salsa dancing class (where I stepped on my own foot), on an alpaca farm (I have an unnatural affinity for those Dr. Seuss animals) and eventually with “Girls on the Grid’s” own Jamie on stage…trying to be…funny?

Want to try your hand at Comedy Improv? Check out Comedy Sportz (2230 Arden Way), which offers classes and workshops for all levels.

You’ve seen the show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” Let me tell you, those guys are t.a.l.e.n.t.e.d. Their minds work in a humanly unnatural way.

The comedy improv class started with simple exercises to get us to think on our feet. “Zip! Zap! Zop!” Stand in a circle and point. When you are pointed at, point at someone else and move the phrase forward. Point – Zip! Point – Zap! Point – Zop!

The instructor and ComedySportz veteran, Chris, taught us about character, story and how to thoroughly make a fool out of ourselves. I can attest that Jamie and I mastered his third lesson beautifully.

There was the “game” where you have to create 10 characters in one minute: Jamaican, Aristocrat, old, young, ummm…ummm, pissed-off, sad, ummm…ummm, nerd, beauty queen, Hawaiian, ummm….ummm, slightly different (and beginning to become real) version of pissed-off. We also played “character telephone” where one member of the class would create a character and head toward another person in the group who had to take on their character and head toward someone else, morphing the original creation into something that always ended up looking like Frankenstein trying to do an impression of Shirley Temple. We created scenes about golden egg-laying ducks, pb&j-eating bears, superhero funerals and Simon Cowell on the “Dating Game” (my British accent somehow sounds oddly Indian).

Through six weekly classes of embarrassment, humility and quick thinking we came to learn that being honest with yourself and with a crowd is the only way to truly evoke a laugh. In that light, to be honest with you, trying something new is the best way to quickly get over yourself, get out of a rut, reduce stress and re-introduce yourself to life.

Next on the one-new-thing list is a self-defense class. I wonder how loud I can yell?

Any ideas to add to the one-new-thing list in the Sacramento area?

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, guest blogger Danea Horn helps people step up to the edge of their comfort zone to create big change. To learn more about getting out of your own rut, visit Danea online at

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