Girl on the Grid: Kassidy Callori of

By Chantel Elder

After searching high and low for the perfect venue for her own wedding, Kassidy discovered that while Northern California has lots of wedding venues, there was a shortage of places that could accommodate their needs completely.

Everything they entertained seemed to have lots of added fees, strict and short time limits and specified vendors that were part of a “package deal”.

While this inconvenience seemed annoying at the time… it sparked an idea for the couple and the concept of was born!

The concept is simple – Kassidy connects brides with private residence owners with gorgeous property who are willing to host weddings. Kassidy organizes everything and creates a win-win relationship between both parties.

Private residence in Cameron Park.
Perfect open space for a wedding!

One Friday afternoon, I left my studio and headed up the hill to Cameron Park  to meet Kassidy and watch her process firsthand. As I punched in the private access code of the gated community, I immediately could imagine an amazing wedding on the property. Kassidy’s husband greeted me and led me to a grassy area backed by woods complete with a stream running through it, off to the side a romantic tire swing hung from an old tree. As a wedding photographer, you can imagine my drool over all the possible places to shoot.

Kassidy and her husband scouting a wedding location.
Kassidy demonstrating the quaint tire swing that would be perfect for a fun bride and groom to be photographed on.

Kassidy and I shook hands as we greeted each other – though by the end of our meeting we were on a hugging basis – and we took to each other like kindred spirits. Kassidy laughs a lot. Her bright bubbly laugh and immediate warmth makes her a delight to work with. Her process works like this…

1) She typically meets private residence owners after scouting dream locations to see if they are interested in renting out their residence…
2) Then she snaps photos of the locations and determines what the owners are comfortable with if a bride is interested in their property.

3) Once ground rules and price points are established, Kassidy posts the photos to her website.

4) Her advertising primarily consists of referrals and the cute little sign she has on the back of her SUV – trust me people stop her all the time!

So if you are looking for a unique spot to exchange vows – or if you just want to meet a total sweetheart and chat about the wedding world, basketball ( Kassidy can rival men on the court) and laugh about all of your most awkward past experiences like I did – this is your girl. Her business pretty much rocks as much as she does.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Great shots – This concept seems really cool. I’ll check out the site.

  2. Holly Smith says

    Great Article! I found my wedding venue on Where-I-Do and Kassidy and Dominic made the process so easy for me. I was so stressed out trying to find the right place with the right price and Kassidy was there not only to help me find an awesome venue, but we had a blast in the process. She has used her own experiences to make the process easier for all parties! I can’t wait for our wedding day in June and I am so thankful I got connected with Where-I-Do to help make my wedding plans as enjoyable as possible!

  3. Vanessa Williams says

    This is a wonderful article highlighting such a helpful service! After deciding on a May wedding date, the search began for the perfect place. Kassidy’s website made searching the foothill area a breeze. We were able to browse beautiful pictures of each venue and have most of our questions asked before making one phone call. With Kassidy & Dom’s help, our wedding planning has been a truly wonderful experience! I highly recommend using

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