Holiday Party Madness? Try the Royal Blowout at AJF Salon

Adam prepping my hair - complimentary champagne (night of the launch only) always a plus!

By Laura Braden

It’s December, which means holiday parties with friends, family, colleagues and organizations are in full swing.

If your dance card is filling up faster than you can say “Festivus,” consider checking out the Royal Blowout at AJF Salon (3016 J Street). It looks soft/natural and lasts for days!

Sacramento is blessed with an abundance of art galleries, tattoo parlors and hair salons… so why AJF Salon?

AJF Salon is the only salon in Sacramento (or the Central Valley for that matter) that offers the Royal Blowout. Developed by J. Lo’s hair guru, Oribe’s Royal Blowout smells fresh (hint of rose), is super nourishing, heals split ends, and cuts down on drying time because it shrinks the water molecules in your hair (gotta love science).

I can personally attest to the professionalism of the staff and quality behind the Royal Blowout. I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary blowout the other night at their launch party.

Now, I have the most baby fine hair on the planet. I had blonde-peach-fuzz until I was about three, and I have to wash my hair at least every other day before it starts looking…well…gross. So I was a bit skeptical that a blowout would hold up longer than 12 hours.

The final product - pardon the low quality/iPhone picture

But boy was I wrong! For starters, it didn’t feel like I had a ton of product in my hair – it still had movement and of course plenty of shine. Leaving the salon, I rode the 12 blocks home on my beach cruiser (probably making the entire staff cringe in the process) – hair still looked great. Got a full night sleep – hair still looked great. Spent the next 10 hours flying to the east coast – hair still looked great.

All in all, my blowout lasted a full 48 hours, which is just unheard of (for me). So I think people with more normal/thicker hair would last at least the promised 3-4 days.

Bonus #1: They also have waxing, skin and mani/pedi services on-site – making it a one-stop-shop.

Bonus #2: As our readers know, we love to support great local businesses and boy does AJF Salon fit that mold. Owner Adam Federico’s family has been in the business for over 60 years with AJF Salon (open since 2000) and the third-generation, family-owned Federico Beauty Institute. A family affair, his brothers serve as CFO and COO, while Adam serves as artistic director (in addition to running the salon). Can’t say enough good things about Adam. He’s smart, interesting, friendly, professional and fast – I was in and out in less than an hour.

For more information, check out their website – – call 916-446-2940 or stop on by (3016 J Street). Pricing is based on the stylist’s education level so there are plenty of options for every budget (Royal Blowouts run $35-65).

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