And Puppy Makes Three

By Jessica Love

Well, here I am. One step further away from my carefree, city girl days of the past and one step closer to that whole settling down, family life thing.

I envisioned my articles for this site would be fun anecdotes about my newlywed-to-be lifestyle and our exciting adventures and happy hours in the city, but instead they seem to be trending toward home and family life. And tonight here I am, sitting (happily) at home.

For good reason.

Thanks to Girls on the Grid’s Must Reads of the Week last Friday, there is one less dog at the Sacramento Animal Care Shelter at risk of being euthanized today.

Meet Darius, the precious dachshund mix that my fiancé and I adopted on Saturday (named after Darius Rucker, of course)! We had been planning to adopt a dog anyway after the first of the year. But when I saw the urgent message that the shelter was full, I knew we had to spend our Saturday in search of our new family member.

Coming from a very pet-friendly family (my parents own Incredible Pets stores – one of which is located in East Sac), I knew I’d have a dog of my own some day. My parents have always encouraged adoption at their stores as opposed to selling puppies and kittens, and I’m proud to follow their lead by adopting this little guy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Find more tips and advice to adopt a local pet here.

He is a character thus far. He’s smart, mellow when he wants attention, slightly wild when he gets excited, and always at our heels. Easy? Not necessarily (the adoption process was a cinch, but the training may be a challenge). Fun? Absolutely. Worth it? 100%. Home is a happier place when there’s an adorable little dog just waiting to give you his unconditional love. It’s even better knowing that whatever potentially tragic experience Darius had before we met him is over, and now his life will be full of joy.

As previously mentioned on this site, there are so many great organizations in the city of Sacramento, and the greater Sacramento region, that offer pet adoption services such as the Sacramento SPCA, the Sacramento Animal Care Shelter, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary and dozens more. If you are looking to adopt, now is a great time to do it, and you can learn more by calling any of the local rescue organizations or by visiting their websites. You may spend a few more hours at home in the role of caretaker, but those hours are going to be some of the best you’ve ever spent.

Guest blogger Jessica Love is a public relations professional in downtown Sacramento. While she adores her gig in PR, she also loves to write, travel, cook, drink red wine (what other kind is there?), and sweat it out in fitness classes. Most of Jessica’s free time is currently occupied with planning her wedding to the New Hampshire-bred love of her life, of which she will try to spare you the nitty-gritty details in blog posts.

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  1. Mary Beth Barber says

    Jessica — thank you for adopting, and your family’s pet stores are awesome. I go to the one in Carmichael … staff is always friendly and informative. Great family biz!

  2. Megan Smith says

    The “Sacramento Animal Care Shelter” you mention is actually the Sacramento County shelter. Don’t forget to mention the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services shelter, which needs our support as well. The adoptions fees are much less than at the county shelter and it’s right here in town, so you don’t have to drive out to Rancho Cordova. Check out adoptable pets at

  3. Brigette says

    SO sweet! I am far away from my settlin’ down days but having a dog is definitely one aspect I’m anticipating. That post about euthanasia day broke my heart but I loved reading about at least one positive outcome!

    Congratulations on your new puppy love!

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