Worth It? Sacramento’s Psychic Faire & Healing Festival

By Laura Braden and Amelia McLear

What it promises:

Technically they don’t make any promises, but here’s the scoop: the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Sacramento (you’ve gotta love California!!) regularly holds “Psychic Faire & Healing Festivals” where anyone can receive readings on everything from relationships to your career to past lives.

Upon arrival, you choose how many readings you want (each reading is with a different trained healer) and then hang out in the waiting room until it’s your turn. When you’re called, you go into one of the semi-private rooms to receive your reading. You tell the healer what topics you’re most interested in and the fun begins! Readings last about 20 minutes (but they’ll keep going if they’re receiving a ton of information) and cost $15/per or 3 for $40.

GOTG’s verdict?

Amelia’s Take:Not that I am saying I believe in any of this, of course, but having my future read was a fascinating and unique experience. First, I had my aura cleansed (free of charge). This involved me sitting on a white plastic folding chair, my feet planted firmly on the ground and my hands laying on top of my thighs, while a psychic waved their hands around me and cleansed my aura from any foreign spirits or thoughts that may be impacting my aura’s fullest capacity. This took a few minutes (very silent, lots of hand moving), but after I had pictured a huge orange ball of sunshine coming down over my head (per instructions from the psychic), my aura was now 100% mine and open to the world.

Then, after paying $15 and looking over a list of topics that were available to discuss (love, career, money, past life), I went into another room to meet my first psychic. We sat directly across from one another on another set of white plastic folding chairs, and the topic was “my future.” She started off our reading by saying a short prayer (nothing anti-religious—it seemed more naturalistic/worldly), and then she closed her eyes and started yawning (going into a half-trance makes them sleepy). I then had to state my full name three times so she could locate my spirit and begin to read my future. Apparently, my spirit was a little hard to find because her reading was pretty vague. The main thing I learned was that soon I would be approaching a crossroads where I would need to choose a path. The first path would continue me on the path I am already on with my current career, or I could chose a second path which involved lots of colors and artistic activity. Maybe I would be running a florist shop, she said, or involved in an “omnimedia” business like Martha Stewart focused on the domestic arts. Other than that, she had nothing else to report.

I was done a good five minutes before Laura was and as I waited, I watched a few other visitors get their auras cleansed and one man get a tarot card reading. Laura came out beaming, describing this fantastic reading from a psychic named Denise that encompassed everything from future love life, future career to future family life. I felt jipped—I wanted Denise! So we went back inside for a second reading.

I paid another $15 and was escorted to another room where I sat in front of Denise and again said my names three times for her to locate my spirit. Denise was a very natural-looking, younger woman with a long braid and a friendly smile. She put her right hand up and began combing her fingers through the air, like she was searching through files or library books as she located answers to my future.

One of the best things about my reading with Denise is that she continuously emphasized that as humans we have free will, so everything she was telling me, I did not have to take solely at face value. She said she was that she was locating my spirit in my future. According to Denise, our spirits are somewhat like guardian angels that go before us in our lives to live out what we are supposed to be doing, and she was reporting back to me where she saw my spirit and whom it was with. She asked very basic questions of me: “What is your boyfriend’s name? What is your father’s name?” so she could locate their spirits and see how we may or may not have interacted in my future. Denise focused mainly on my personal life – my family, my boyfriend—and touched briefly on my career at the end of the reading.

Denise’s reading was crazy accurate. In fact, the whole experience with Denise was truly amazing and a little spooky, but I just went with it. Turns out my father and I were related in a past life and my boyfriend and I will end up getting married and having two kids (a boy and a girl) and I may end up doing something totally different with my career, such as becoming a director of a nonprofit or a stay-at-home mom.

The true test, of course, will come 10 or 20 years from now to see if what Denise had to say comes true. Regardless of that though, it was certainly a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon and an educational peek into the world of Sacramento psychics in midtown.

Laura’s Take: Like Amelia, I walked in with a healthy amount of skepticism while trying to keep an open mind. I’m more spiritual than religious, believe in psychic ability, love the movie Defending Your Life, etc, etc – but I also believe that 9 out of 10 times you can read any sign’s horoscope and have an “ah ha!” moment. But I guess more importantly, I’m in the “try-anything-once-camp” so the whole experience was a blast. Like Amelia, I received an aura cleansing (good thing it was free, didn’t feel any cleaner afterwards) and received two readings…

The first reading – with Denise – was extremely spooky (goose bumps twice) because she was about 95% accurate. I leave 5% as a question mark because she predicted a few things that have yet to come true. 🙂 Like the first, she didn’t ask for any prompting (to me that makes it more credible, don’t ask me why) except for names. I asked her for a general reading – whatever popped out at her first.

I won’t go into super detail (A-because it’s personal and B-because I’m not sure if that jinxes anything), but she accurately described my career ambitions,  skills and frustrations. She said that my career was like a long staircase and that as soon as I took one step, I was already looking ahead to the next one. She also said my biggest obstacle to work/life balance happiness was finding a job that allowed me the right amount of freedom to be inspired and creative. So far so good…

She then went into my love life…which I’m really not about to get into except to say that she was dead-on when it came to identifying personalities, complexities and relationship dynamics. And she got really specific…

For example, she said that guy X and I were soul mates and had been spouses in a previous life. But that I had died suddenly/tragically, and he never got over me (poor chap). Her point was that baggage can spill over into our present lives, complicating relationship dynamics in ways we can’t quite always grasp. In this particular case, he doesn’t believe that he deserves me (in this life) because he still feels traumatized/responsible for how I died (in our last life together). Assuming you believe in reincarnation, past lives and soul mates – and you’re familiar with our relationship 🙂 – it makes a lot of sense.

One of my favorite parts was at the end… Right before I left, she casually said, “oh wait, you also have three baby spirits: two boys and a girl.” I have three baby what?? As a single gal who might want kids one day, I was a bit confused. She said (paraphrasing) three spirits had chosen me as their mom, but it was up to me whether or not to have all three in this lifetime. I forgot to ask if three was a good sign (heck, why hadn’t 12 picked me? Did the octo-mom have eight fighting over her?).

The second reading focused on my past lives.  I was told that I had a lot of them so she was going to tap into two “scenes,” which would directly relate to stuff going on in my present life. She didn’t ask for any prompting (career, relationship status, etc), she simply “cleared the air” and got right to work. The reading was about 60-70% right, but to be honest I was more amused that she said I had been a wealthy 19th Century socialite who went to a lot of balls (fingers crossed that I was Georgiana Cavendish) and a really unhappy, upper-class housewife in the 40-50’s (no shock there).

But again, she said the point wasn’t about the specifics of who you were but the impressions the scenes gave her (tied to your wellbeing, emotions, etc) – and how they tied to your present life. So for the first scene, it (loosely) meant that I have everything I need within to create whatever type of life I need/want – I’ve done it before (this particular past life), and I can do it again. And for the second scene, it (loosely) meant that I have to find the courage to break ties with people that I love/feel loyalty to who aren’t healthy/positive in my life. I found a lot of truth in the second reading, but admit it could be applied to a lot of people. The spooky part is that almost all of the topics/themes were ones that I had been recently contemplating.

My bottom line is that I walked out of the place feeling lighter and (strangely) more confident in myself. I had fun and would definitely go back. To be fair, 80% of what they said was positive. I’d like to think that my review would be the same even if they told me a lot of bad news…but I’m not sure.

Where you can find it:

Sacramento BPI is located at 2018 19th Street. Their next Psychic Faire & Healing Festival is this Saturday (11/20) and Sunday (11/21) from 1-6pm. Entry is free to all, and readings are $15/per or 3 for $40.


Ask for Denise – we both had readings from her, and she was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Your experience ultimately depends on your attitude – and who you get assigned too. So we suggest going ahead and paying the $40 for 3 readings. Have fun – let us know how it goes!

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  1. Bella Q says

    great post because it captures so well the experience of the psychic fair! fun sometimes, uncannily accurate in some reading, and hokey and nonsense in others. Depends of the person doing the reading.

    an aside about those baby beings: once when I went with a handful of girlfriends, I scoffed at all the same things being told to us: we were each psychic and should take a course, we were high priestesses from Atlantis, and we had baby beings all around us. Coinky-dink so many girls were former big wigs in the city under the Bay, but perhaps no coincidence nubile girls had “baby beings” hanging on us like lint on a sweater. BUT, those girls who were warned of baby beings all managed to get preggers by the years end. Morale of the story: take precautions!

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