I Heart Taylor's Kitchen

By Ashley Robinson

Having moved from the Midtown Grid to the Curtis Park Grid a few months ago, I have had a chance to acquaint myself with eateries in the area, and I will say my new favorite place is Taylor’s Kitchen (2900 Freeport Blvd.)

  • Think of it as a mini version of Mulvaney’s.
  • Think of it as your favorite neighborhood eatery with linen table clothes.
  • Think of it as a place with a great rotation of culinary delights.
  • Think of it as a great place to decompress on a Friday night.

Comrades Julie and Becky are frequenters there, and they got me interested in the place. It’s within walking distance of my residence (very convenient on those nights when two glasses of wine just isn’t enough) and features gourmet food items from the market next door (my new favorite place to get specialty groceries). The wine list is expansive, the specials are amazing, and the cozy atmosphere is delicious.

(Brick walls, open space, soft lighting, old-fashioned mahogany bar, little white linen covered tables … it’s cute!)


Being not much of a breakfast eater, I’m the person who goes to brunch and orders a sandwich. The BLAT is a perfect balance between Sunday morning hangover greasiness and Weight Watchers voyeurism. Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato delicately hanging between two chunks of focaccia lightly slathered in tasty rosemary mayonnaise (I don’t say this lightly – normally mayo gives me the heeby geebies) and the best red potato salad I’ve met, all for $10.50. Wash it down with some pretty decent French Press coffee or mimosa, and you’re set.

Choices for brunch also range between an awesome burger, or quiche, or French toast, breakfast burrito (my husband is a fan) or the basic breakfast items making this a great place to take out-of-town guests with a diverse set of appetites.

But dinner is really where Taylor’s shines (and the meal I have had there the most).


Small plates, currently (the menu changes almost daily) list Country Style Rabbit Terrine, Celeriac and Potato Bisque, Roasted Beets, Fennel Crusted Hawaiian Ahi Tuna … and who knows what plates are scrawled across the chalk board by the bar. The first I ventured there, I enjoyed the quail (and yes, they had a small plate AND entrée option).

Normally I am a small plates kinda gal (I like ordering lots of little things … resulting in a giant meal), but the most recent entrée I had there was the pan roasted free range chicken served on top of potato gnocchi, Oregon chanterelles, Pink Lady Apple all doused in a little white wine chicken jus. (The entrée plate prices are a bit steep, comparable to Mulvaney’s, but slightly cheaper. The small plates are more economical.) I could say I enjoyed it, but I ate it so fast that all I remember is a flurry of fork on plate and a colorful kaleidoscope of apple, gnocchi, chicken and mushroom … I should go back and try it again to reacquaint myself … ☺

Also, note to the dog friendlies out there …

Taylor’s has this little alleyway between the Kitchen and the Market, which during the day hours looks a little funky, but at night, I could have sworn I was in a little European alleyway. With white lights dancing around flowers and starlight twinkling between canvas coverings, it was very sweet … and a great place to bring my puppy and man. We leashed her up to the iron fencing along the wall and enjoyed a space not heavily trafficked, making the dinner actually relaxing (and a wee bit romantic) for us!

(Let’s be honest, it’s stressful bringing dogs to restaurants … the tangled table legs in red leash, the bored puppy eyes boring into your soul as the fine wine in your mouth turns to vinegar, the not-so irritated guests coming over and petting your dog, puppy drool-y water bowl spilling, etc. … it’s an ambitious undertaking, to say the least.)

Almost every experience I have had at Taylor’s Kitchen has been enjoyable, comfortable and ultimately, wanting to come back. Not a bad restaurant review, eh?

A few notes:

  • This place is only open between Wednesday and Saturday nights with a Sunday brunch.
  • Reservations are recommended, not necessary most of the time, but the space fills up fast. And people like to linger.
  • Located on the corner of 21st and Freeport across the street from the Light Rail Station, I would say it’s a bit tricky to find if you are looking for a stand-alone spot. Look for Taylor’s Market and it is right next door.

Bon appétit!

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