Tonight: GOTGer's Analyze Election Night for News 10!

By the Editors

The Giants won the World Series, you can TiVo Glee and you won’t miss any toe-tapping action on the Dancing with the Stars results show. The bottom line is: there’s no excuse to miss live election night analysis with Girls on the Grid political experts Robin Swanson, Marcey Brightwell and Sabrina Lockhart on KXTV News 10.

Right after polls close at 8pm, on digital Channel 10.2 you’ll get in-depth political expertise from the left, right and in between. The wall-to-wall coverage on Channel 10 begins at 9pm and goes until the major races are called. Coverage will also continue the entire night at

Together, these GOTG have almost a half century of political experience, but they all still look young enough to get carded at après work cocktails.

  • Perspective from the left: Robin owns Swanson Communications and appears regularly on News 10 as a “Democrat Strategist.” She’s hoping to make a career out of pure sass. Robin has worked in politics for 15 years in both D.C. and Sacramento and takes pride in the fact that she’s a pokey distance runner who always gets there… eventually.
  • Perspective from the middle: When California history was being made, chances are, Marcey was a witness. She has covered every statewide political campaign, ballot measure, presidential campaign and major piece of legislation over the last two decades. Marcey, former senior political reporter at News 10, joined Rose & Kindel in January 2009 to launch its new strategic communications division, R&K Grayling Communications.
  • Perspective from the right: Sabrina is a recovering journalist who began her career working in television but has worked on communications strategy in the Capitol for nearly a decade for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and two Republican leaders. She often wonders who can be more childish: politicians or her rambunctious two year old son.

Email questions or follow Robin, Marcey and Sabrina with live tweets throughout the evening.

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  1. Stephanie says

    They were all great. It was so cool to so many women looked to as experts in the political field! Sabrina and Robin even did a good job biting their tongues when the other said things they did not agree with. You could see them, wanting to disagree – they are great advocates for their sides. They were all very graceful under the pressure!

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