My Secret Double Life in Suburbia

By Becky Warren

Anyone who knows me well must think this cannot be true. I am basically an urban snob. I love living in cities – the bigger the better for me. And suburbia always seemed like selling out – living in a contrived village-like environment.

Before suburb-dwellers get upset, please hold onto your outrage for a moment…

They also sell GREAT clothes/accessories.

As you may have read previously, I am an exercise-fad addict and always ready to plunge into the next best thing. So when my colleague recommended The Dailey Method I knew that I had to try it. However this exercise was really going to test my commitment to exercise trends. The Dailey Method was opening its first Sacramento-area studio in … Roseville (1611 Lead Hill Blvd.). Would I be willing to still check it out and enter the ‘burbs to work out? (I know, I know, its only 20 minutes but still…)

One Sunday I did decide to check out. Wow is all I can say. If you like pilates, you will love The Dailey Method. It really takes pilates to a new level. Basically, it uses a ballet bar and fully works out every muscle group to exhaustion. I’m telling you – everyone who takes this class is sore the next day – triceps, thighs, butt, abs etc. The hour flies by with no breaks. I loved it immediately. But wait…I thought… its still in Roseville. I don’t usually leave work until 7pm how in the world am I going to spend the time to get all the way out there.

The Dailey Method states that if you take the class at least three times a week for four to eight weeks your body will transform. So I had to commit to going at least three times a week – I want transformation!

Thus started my secret double life in Roseville.

Lindsey, Stacey (owner) and Becky at The Dailey Method

So before you know it, fellow GOTGers Caroline Silveira, Laura Braden, Tracy Arnold, Jamie Romas, and Lindsey Cimino (the colleague I mentioned above) also checked it out. Everyone started getting into it because it’s such a great workout. But I think it was also because of the full suburb experience.

We always “road trip” out to the suburbs. Two to four of us drive together to Roseville chatting and making a few snide remarks about the suburbs (sorry Roseville – we didn’t know then what we know now). But what can you expect — we are girls who live, work and play on the grid!

After our class, we have gone to Yotopia next door where some of the GOTGers like to compete for the best looking yogurt. On the weekends, we go to the Starbucks and sit outside with the other suburbanites. And slowly but surely we started talking about going to dinner at some of the restaurants near the studio on Eureka Road.

I’ve now been going to The Dailey Method for two months and I have to say that Roseville is growing on me. I don’t mind the drive or hanging out there after the class. But this double life would not have happened had it been not for The Dailey Method’s awesome class and the great friends that go on our regular “road trips.”

But the bottom line is I am an urban dweller at heart and we need The Dailey Method downtown. So if you check it out, please lobby Stacey the owner to open up a studio on the grid!

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  1. Lorena says

    Love it! I use to live in Marin county and went to their Corte Madera locale on a regular basis. Great workout. My fav!

  2. Lindsey says

    It’s true – everything from the road trip up to the yogurt after ward are great (not to mention the super hard workout in between)!!

  3. Lisa says

    This is exactly what I’m going to need to lose the baby weight! I wish it would come to downtown though because I don’t think I’ll be able to make it out to Roseville now with a baby to juggle.

  4. Frances says

    I LOVE the workout TDM gives!

  5. girls with abs says

    I like when you can see great definition in the stomache. It really shows dedication.

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