Sacramento is a Social Media Town

By Brooke Burgess

A recent survey of 200 U.S. cities and two million business owners by Netprospex confirmed what many local entrepreneurs already know: Sacramento is among the top cities in Twitter and social media use. When it comes to Twitter, the survey ranked Sacramento fourth in the nation and 33rd for overall social media use by business people.

The rankings are a direct result of a growing group of savvy Sacramentans that are embracing social media and using it to network, grow business leads and promote their services. A simple search on the most popular social media sites reveals thousands of Sacramento related tweets and hundreds of local blogs and Facebook pages focused on everything from the latest fashions and events to foodie delights. Here, local restaurants like Hot Italian are using Twitter to spread the news about their latest deals and destinations like the Sacramento Zoo and Crocker Art Museum are using Facebook to announce their newest exhibits. These organizations are great examples of doing social media the right way.

The biggest appeal of social media is that it can be used to foster conversations and reach target audiences. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to use it in a way that breaks through the clutter and generates results. Groups like the Sacramento Social Media Club (SMCSac) are focused on helping entrepreneurs understand and utilize social media best practices. Launched in April 2009, SMCSac is one of more than 100 active chapters around the globe hosting conversations that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way people connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.

Each month, SMCSac offers free monthly seminars and workshops that bring together expert panelists to discuss ways social media is utilized in their respective industries or area of interest. Past events have examined social media’s applications in education, music, non-profits, politics, sports and food. Through these events, SMCSac has become the centerpiece for regional social media gatherings and a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to refine their skill set or pick up the latest social media trends.

There is a clear reason why the Netprospex report said the “West Coast is more social media-savvy than [the] East Coast.” Sacramento is among good company in their social media leadership role, and thanks to the ongoing efforts of this community, it will continue to blaze a trail forward.

Guest blogger Brooke Burgess is a Sacramento native, PR professional, and Media Director for the Sacramento Social Media Club ( You can find her on Twitter @bcburg.

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  1. Laura Good says

    Great blog post! Sacramento definitely has it going on when it comes to social media! We were having tweet-ups before the rest of the country even knew what one was! My take on it is that Sacramento, even before social media, has a wonderful community spirit and a great interest in business networking. Social Media has allowed us to continue expand our social spirit to every nook & cranny of the Sacramento region.

  2. Scott Eggert - MarketSmall says

    Excellently stated Brooke. Sacramento is indeed a hotbed of social media know-how. The Social Media Club is a phenomenal example of leadership in practical resources provided to grow adoption in the region. Over the past several months several months there have been many Tweet-ups formed to serve particular regions, as well as specific trades like event planning. Just last week the Business Journal in Wichita published a story – Taking Social Media Tips from the Experts – citing the same report you mentioned as well as recent panel discussions pointing to Sacramento’s cred in the area of practical and effective business use of social media.

    One thing I think that sets Sacramento apart, I believe, is our strong local identity and support for each other within the local business community. Our achievement is one accomplished together as a unified network of businesses promoting and cross promoting each other.

    So, hats off to Sacramento, to the supportive business community, and the people who patronize them. Thank you Brooke for helping us mark our collective achievements in building community around our businesses.

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