Calling All Talented Sacramento Women: State Appt Project

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By Rachel Michelin

In addition to working full time and being a mommy for two wonderful little girls, I also have the privilege of serving as a gubernatorial appointee on the Private Security Disciplinary Review Committee – North.

In my professional life I run a women’s organizations whose mission is to empower women to be leaders in their community through elected or appointed office. I spend a lot of my time travelling throughout the state sharing my story of how I was appointed by the governor and if you heard my story (some of you might have!) you would know that while I would have never chosen this committee, I am so glad I was appointed to it.

What the Private Security Disciplinary Review Committee does is hear appeals from private security guards who have had their licenses revoked or denied by the state. Most of these people have a criminal history and in order to prepare for the hearing, I read stacks and stacks of arrest records. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that in two short years I would know the process for having a felony expunged from your record, know how to make meth or become so interested in penal codes. Hearing appeals from private security guards is completely out of my comfort zone, but that is why I enjoy it so much and that is why I am working with other women’s groups around the state on the California Women’s State Appointments Project.

The mission of this nonpartisan project is to encourage women statewide to apply for an appointment on boards, commissions, or in agencies within the new gubernatorial administration that will be elected this November.

California Women Lead, the National Women’s Political Caucus-California, Leadership California, the California Commission on the Status of Women, HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality), and Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) comprise the Coalition of organizations leading this effort to ensure we have a rich, diverse pool of women from all corners of the state.

The end goal is to present the next governor binders containing the names and resumes of women interested in serving within the new administration in order to provide a significant pool of qualified women to serve as appointees. We are recruiting women from all backgrounds and for all levels of positions – high, paid and volunteer. Many of these boards and commissions need women to serve in public positions, so don’t think you need to be an expert in a specific area to apply. There are many women currently serving on boards and commissions who learn as they go!

I know there are many amazing women throughout California and as the state faces so many challenges we need to engage women from across the state and encourage them to serve. The Coalition’s goal is to not only increase the number of women in appointed office, but also ensure that boards and commissions reflect the rich diversity of California.

I am a huge proponent of the appointments process and believe it is a great opportunity for women to become involved in their community. There are so many interesting public policy issues addressed by boards and commissions that most women can find something that will be a great use of their time, some of which only require a quarterly meeting. As I always say, “you can’t get appointed if you don’t apply.”

As a women leader, a wife and a mom – I encourage you to apply. I know you won’t regret it!

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  1. Mary Beth Barber says

    Great plug — and I’d also like to remind our readers to look to local city and county boards and commissions in addition to the statewide positions. There’s always a need, and the amount of travel would be significantly reduced as well.

  2. Sue Peterson says

    I just linked to this post on my blog and also completed an application. Although I consider myself to be somewhat politically savvy, I had never heard of this project – is it new? I think its a great opportunity and I hope many women from across the state take advantage of the opportunity! I will also be following Mary Beth’s advice and looking into my local opportunities as well. Thanks!

  3. Laura Braden says

    Mary Beth – how do local ladies find out about city/county boards and commissions?

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