Discussion: Who is Sacramento?

Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography. Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin, and in this hasn’t changed since the time of Dickens. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman. —John Berger, 1987

A friend forwarded us this great article from Lapham’s Journal discussing how every city has a sex and age. Some of our favorites…

  • San Francisco is a wiry guy in his late thirties who may or may not have had a drug problem. (Heather Donahue)
  • Irvine is a 38 year old woman telling you she’s 30 and everything’s “natural. (@NateWolfson)
  • Oakland is a fortysomething yoga mom secure in the knowledge that raising chickens is the true path to equanimity. (@cmonstah)
  • New Orleans is a happy, fat man at a concert with a beer, a shot, a plate of crawfish and a lack of an internal ‘no.’ (@adamkarlin)
  • Charleston is the woman you want to take home to your parents. New Orleans is the woman you want to see after you drop Charleston off! (@_bwb)
  • Washington, DC is a middle aged man that is perpetually going through a mid-life crisis. (Mike Case)

So you tell us – just who is Sacramento?

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  1. Julia says

    Sacramento is a bitter, low-achieving, middle-aged man who gave up on life and expects his live-in girlfriend to provide for everything – he will never make anything of himself because he is comfortable being a loser, even though he is jealous and spiteful towards those more successful than he ever has been – like pretty much every guy living in Sacramento.

  2. KristanC says

    Sacramento is the youngish almost-hipster food-loving artist-of-many-names who longs for Berkeley or SF but is too broke to move & live there … or the olderish artist of same who is realizing that Berkeley is past its prime anyway & they’re probably better off staying right here and building a new breeding ground from scratch.

    (And wow, Oakland is SO off the mark I don’t even know where to begin … maybe if it were amended to “the rich Rockridge side of Oakland” it would be more true?)

  3. Roy says

    Sacramento is an uncultured, underachieving and increasingly negative 40-something whose fear of progression and love of monotony hamper his ability to fulfill his potential.

  4. Megan says

    Re: Julia: That is not Sacramento. That is just the commenters of the Sacramento Bee.

    Sacramento is a young thirty year old go-getter that loves great food, good drinks, great friends, and the outdoors. Sacramento is making connections and a name for themselves because the business community here offers great opportunity and yet is small enough to really get noticed. Sacramento loves to visit Tahoe for snow and the Bay Area for a weekend or two, but is truly at home on their bike or their running shoes under the oak trees of the American River Trail.

    Maybe Sacramento’s Dad or Grandpa is the guy Julie mentioned above… but that guy is on his way out.

  5. admin says

    Sacramento is a 13 year old girl about to become a woman. She’s full of life and ambition – and on the verge of becoming something great – but a bit unsure of herself.

  6. Jamie says

    I could not agree more with KristanC re: Oakland. Someone needs to spend a little more time in (the rest of – and majority of) Oakland.

  7. Jane Gassner says

    Sacramento is a woman in her fifties who has just realized there’s a world out there waiting for her. Except–she can’t quite get started because she’s so used to living life the way she always has. Her urge to cut loose is always tempered by her fear of change. If only she had started earlier. If only she hadn’t stayed so comfortable with the status quo.

  8. Mikey says

    *San Francisco is a twenty something who works too hard and plays too hard.
    *LA is a twenty something woman who doesn’t work hard enough and thinks people should know who she is.
    *Tahoe is a 60 year old man who has lived an incredible and beautiful life, but who can be kinda boring after his stories have all been told.
    *Sacramento is the guy who spent years in SF until finally getting his priorities straight, has friends in LA but thinks they’re just goofy, and who really knows the value of a friend like Tahoe. Sacramento’s friends question why he doesn’t try as hard as SF or look as sexy as LA. Sacramento knows that while everyone else is just projecting, he’s having the time of his life – being real.

  9. admin says

    Right on @mikey!

  10. Megan says

    Yes! Mikey is spot on! Love it.

  11. Patrick says

    Sacramento is your best friend. Your buddy that saved you the best seat at the bar. He’s got a mixy waiting, cab fare for later, and at least 6 more rounds in him. He’ll help you flirt with the waitress and withhold judgement later… When you predictably screw it up.

  12. Amelia says

    Sacramento is an aging hippie that remembers when the 70s were awesome but who is now comfortably-middle aged, living in Land Park and working for the State. Sacramento is also the aging hippie also looks at his/her super-motivated, bright, energetic kids and thinks, thanks to them, Sacramento will be a better, cooler place than when I moved here.

  13. Angi says

    I couldn’t agree more with Julia. YOu hit dead on.

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