Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends from Stella & Dot

By Sarah Clark

When I first heard about Stella & Dot, I thought “what cute jewelry – it looks like something from J.Crew.”

I had just been telling friends that I wanted to “accessorize” more, but with two young kids, didn’t have time to roam the malls and find what I liked. So after I saw the boutique-style jewelry line that is Stella & Dot, I figured I’d buy a few things so I could start accessorizing. Little did I know, my introduction to Stella & Dot would turn into a new opportunity for me.

A few months prior, I had decided to stop doing another home-based business that wasn’t working out, and I really wasn’t interested in doing anything similar. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Stella & Dot. The jewelry, the ground-floor business opportunity it offered and the chance to make some money, good money, I just kept thinking about it. So I looked into the business opportunity even more and was sold!

Stella & Dot was created by Jessica Herrin (who co-founded WeddingChannel.com in the 90’s) and Blythe Harris (who worked for DeBeers in London, Cartier and Banana Republic Jewelry). They are both mothers with young children and their goal with Stella & Dot is to create a modern business opportunity that is more lucrative and flexible than ever before. It’s also fairly new, having started in the Bay Area in March 2008, so I loved the ground-floor opportunity it presented…no one I knew in Sacramento had even heard of it before. That sounded perfect for me!

I signed up a few weeks later and within a few months I was building a team and was making more than $1000 a month. Stella & Dot gives me the opportunity to have fun sharing fabulous jewelry with women, while actually earning a decent amount of money to contribute to my family’s finances. I mean, it’s jewelry and parties and girl time – what’s not to love?

Stella & Dot is getting a lot of national attention, being recognized in the New York Times, countless fashion magazines like Lucky, O, and InStyle (just to name a few) and on the Today Show and Good Morning America. That makes it easier for stylists like me to share it with others because of brand recognition.

Stella & Dot is sold exclusively through friendly, trained independent jewelry Stylists at in-home Trunk Shows and online. Anyone can do it at any level, any time – hobbyist, part-time or full time, earning various incomes. It’s $199 to get started and with that you get business supplies and $350 worth of whatever jewelry you want. Stella & Dot offers tons of training opportunities and support online and in person. To find out more please check out my website, www.stelladot.com/sarahclark.

And here are a few of my favorite pieces this fall. There are so many options for any budget including statement pieces or pieces for everyday…

Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace (198.00)
Charlotte Statement Necklace ($128.00)
Petra Braided Bracelet
Belle Fleur Ring - Gold ($49.00)
Deco Drop Earrings ($39.00)
Owl Charm Pendant Necklace ($44.00)

Guest blogger Sarah Clark is a native of East Sac and is a former TV news reporter and producer turned stay-at-home mom of two. She is also a Senior Stylist with Stella & Dot and is helping people in Sacramento look fabulously stylish. Her interests include shopping, scrapbooking, boating, chauffeuring her children to their miscellaneous activities and spending as much time as possible relaxing in or near a body of water.

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