Worth It? Brazilian Blowout

By Jamie Romas

This "look" only works in couture fashion shows...maybe.

Like many Californians, summer is my favorite season. Summer brings with it all that is good in the world, like baseball, barbecues, beer festivals and beach vacations. The days are longer, produce tastes better, people’s moods are improved…just about everything is better in the summertime. With one notable exception: summer hair.

Oh, summer hair. Unless you’ve never had a bad hair day in your life (in which case you shouldn’t be reading this article, because you’re actually a Barbie doll), you know what I’m talking about. Daily exposure to hot weather, UV rays, chlorine, and salt water can turn even the most well-behaved mane into a frizzy, unmanageable mess.

Call me lazy, but I just don’t have the patience – or the time – to tame my unruly Greek-American hair in the summer. Blow drying takes forever, and besides, who wants to direct a scorching hot stream of air at one’s head when it’s 100 degrees outside? Not to mention the fact that all that styling is for naught the moment you work up a sweat, jump into a pool, or take a dip in the ocean.

My options were bleak: sweat it out under a blow dryer; resort to the oh-so-unoriginal ponytail; or leave the house looking like a Muppet had taken residence atop my head. Being a bit of a risk-taker, I was leaning towards the Muppet route when I discovered the answer to my prayers: the Brazilian Blowout.

What it promises:

The Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent, in-salon treatment that deposits a protective protein layer onto the hair shaft. The treatment fills in rough and damaged hair cuticles, resulting in frizz-free hair without the hassle of blow drying.

Unlike the Japanese hair straightening method, which results in pin-straight, perfectly flat hair, the Brazilian Blowout won’t entirely eliminate your hair’s natural body. And while the Japanese technique is permanent (that is, at least until your hair starts to grow out), the Brazilian Blowout lasts about twelve weeks. However, I’m on my third Blowout and I’ve noticed that I don’t need to go as often.

GOTG’s Verdict?

At the risk of sounding like a Pantene commercial, my hair has never been smoother, shinier or softer.

While I love how the Blowout looks, my absolute favorite thing about it is that I don’t have to do anything to my hair – at all. No hair products, no heat styling… in fact, I haven’t so much as picked up a brush in weeks. The only special treatment my hair gets is a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner; other than that, it truly is “wash-and-go.” For a self-proclaimed lazy – I mean, low-maintenance – girl, it doesn’t get any better.

The price? It depends on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair, but I paid $300, which seems to be the average rate. Is it worth it? I suppose that depends on your relationship with your blow dryer. I don’t miss mine – or that Muppet – one bit.

Where you can find it:

  • Brazilian Blowout, $300, Coif Salon, 1801 L Street, (916)447-COIF. By appointment only.

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  1. Janey says

    Send us a pic, Jamie! Let’s see you . . .

  2. Evil Charity says

    Hmmm…I’ve been thinking about trying one for a while but I’m unsure. My hair is curly, like Shirley Temple ringlets, and I wonder how it would turn out…

  3. Chantel says

    Tania Voochen @ Byuti Salon does a fantastic brazilian blowout and I believe she hooks you up with product! Just Sayin’!

  4. admin says

    Thank you!

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