Girl on the Grid: Misha Lindsey of Delaney Designs

By Chantel Elder

Meet Misha Lindsey

She is a Grid Girl at heart, even though she resides in South Land Park. Misha is the genius behind Delaney Designs ( If she can dream it she can probably build, make or design it, and that is exactly what she does for herself and others.

I showed up at Misha’s home to get a peek into her life. As I walked up to the front door, a miter saw (that my fiancé has been drooling over at Home Depot), greeted me in the courtyard, with wood and sawdust strewn about. Obviously a project had been temporarily abandoned, and I was willing to bet it wasn’t Misha’s husband that was the one that had been working on it.

Misha introduced me to her husband and offered me a glass of wine. While I sipped, she showed me around her home, studio and workspace. The hub of her Eichler-designed home is the amazing kitchen. She has completely redone everything right down to the electrical rewiring (which she did all by herself).

Misha showed me her bathroom and backyard along with the rest of the house. I fell in love with the pool in her backyard immediately.

Their sweet pup, Chewy, followed Misha from room to room, finally finding a comfy spot on the ground to watch her sketch up some designs.  He and her husband are her biggest fans, and I am certainly impressed with this girl’s talents and ambition.

The coffee table in her living room had stacks of magazines, and the contents ranged from all things fashion to every sort of interior design and architecture. I too am a magazine junkie and understand the importance of having pages to flip through for inspiration at your finger tips.

Misha grew up with constant remodels to her home, so naturally she picked up the “DIY bug” early in life from her parents.

Misha is bubbly, and fashionable (who else has a pink tool belt?!) and the fact that she gets excited at the idea of Santa Claus bringing her a cement mixer for Christmas makes her totally adorable. She decided to mix up cement for a project before I left… so I stuck around for a minute to see her in action!

If you are looking to remodel and need to talk to someone that has been through it all (ask her how it feels to be electrocuted!), consider giving Misha a call. Her services range from interior design to construction consulting for homes or businesses. After our interview I was inspired to at least venture down the power tool aisle the next time I was in Home Depot and look with new eyes.  Maybe instead of hounding my fiancé to fix something, I’ll just learn to do it  myself  – while wearing earrings and a pink tool belt of course!

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  1. Britni says

    We love Delaney Designs and Misha. My husband and I have seen her work first hand and she’s amazing. We would definitely recommend her for any job!

  2. Kirk says

    Misha’s is an outward expression of her gift or an eye for design. I definitely recommend Delaney Designs to anyone that wants a quality job done right and with class.

  3. Jenn says

    I grew up with Misha and she has always been inspiring as a friend! Now to see her with her own design business is amazing. She is very talented and cannot wait to have her help me with some things in my home.

  4. Jennifer says

    This girl has more vision and attention to detail than anyone I’ve ever met. Misha and her husband purchased the home from my grandparents a few years ago, so I have witnessed that project from beginning to end. Seeing all the improvements and the finished space in person, I can assure you, hiring her for any design work is a fabulous idea! I love her use of color, I love her use of space and I think you should call her right NOW for a consultation. She’s amazing, and you won’t meet a person easier to get along with. Great job girlsonthegrid for finding her!!

  5. Roger says

    Misha has a strong sense of vision and it’s an almost unstoppable force when she sees what is possible in a space. I’ve watched her enter a room that most people would simply give up on and the space transforms when you see it through her eyes.

    If you’re unsure whether the project is worth taking on, ask her to take a look and experience what’s possible with her hands on work.

  6. Cortnie Bain says

    Wow Misha, your home looks so beautiful.. You did an amazing job and congrates on the design company.. You will be super successful :}

  7. Becka Phillips says

    MISHA!!! This article is amazing, so great to see your dreams coming true!! I LOVE your house, you’ve done an amazing job on the design. We will have to get together soon!! ~Becka

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